Thursday, June 05, 2008


OK, so first off, I am not pregnant. I am 100% positive of that, so lets move on :)

The reason behind the title: I am just about to go crazy with this dairy-free diet. At first I thought I knew what I was doing, but today I was doing some more research, and discovered that there are many milk products/ingredients that have unrecognizable names (to me, the untrained dairy-free newbie). Things like casein and whey. Why didn't I know this before!!!

So, really, I haven't been totally dairy-free at all yet. I am back down to having no bread, no margarine, no chocolate, and I am CRAVING IT! I am also sooo hungry all the time. Partially because I just don't know WHAT to eat, and because diary really does fill you up.

I need to head to the store when I have lots of time, no kids, and no distractions. I have a list of ingredient names to avoid, and I need to read labels. Lots and lots of labels.

Just to clarify, I did ask my ND if I needed to be super strict on this, and she said yes, even trace amounts can be detected by the body, so I need to be serious about this.

I've been reading over at Go Dairy Free and have basically just gotten more upset and frustrated by the lack of options in food. I read my cocoa can to see if I could make myself some brownies to ease the cravings, and of course, it 'may contain milk ingredients'!!! Also, my unsweetened chocolate for baking is 'manufactured on equipment that processes milk'. ARGHH! Anyone have some tips for me? I'm one unhappy camper right now.

Brenda (aunt) you must have something to share with me. I have nothing but utter respect and amazement for you right now. How on earth did you ever find anything for Rachelle to eat?!! I just had no idea.

*Rant over*


Jay Boaz said...

Dayna would be a person to talk to (though since she's in Germany an e-mail or post on her blog might be more appropriate) as she was a dairy-free zone for quite awhile, though she was able to have soy equivalents I think.

Good luck finding alternatives; I love milk too much to give it up.


Stam House said...

For chocolate "carob" is a good alternative!

For feeling fuller potatos are usualy good, pasta, meat, and drinking more water during meal will give you the impression of being full.

I live for a year with a friend who was latose (milk/cheeze/etc), eggs, wheat and meat free and we did eat pretty well and were fully satisfied and we were also on a budget so if you need sone tips email me
" "

Evi said...

Check at a Health Food Store for certified dairy free cocoa...they should have some. (I concentrated my suggestion to the chocolate because I know I personally could not live without it!) ...have you checked out soy ice cream?

Andrea said...

My mom would have a ton of great tips for you too...maybe I can even remember some of them since I couldn't have ANY dairy until I was about 14 yrs....I do remember that it really wasn't fun though! I think I remember you saying though that you also can't have soy and stuff like that, right? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else, but if you CAN have soy, there are a lot of good soy products (like soy cheese, ice cream, milk, etc...) I was allowed to have soy stuff so that made it a bit easier. Another person already said this too...but carob is a good substitute for cocoa...there are carob chips too (instead of chocolate chips) and I actually still buy them because they taste so good. ;)

Christine said...

I have read your post about your eczema, and I also have VERY bed eczema. I went to a dermatologist about it because it just to be so bad I couldn't function. I have it just on my face and my arms. He gave me a fairly extensive list of things I couldn't eat, but it worked! I will pass along my advise to you. You shouldn't eat:
shell fish
caffeine (coffee & pop)
citrus (this includes citrus acid in products)
Condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, bbq sauce etc)

I was still allowed to drink milk and to have most dairy products. It was the bacterial cultures in cheese and yogurt that didn't agree with me. I was able to cut out all of these foods and I had amazing skin and I lost LOTS of weight to boot. I have since put these foods back into my diet and my skin is okay most days. Some days I am so embarrassed by my skin. I hope this helped to give you some incite. It is tough to stay on a diet like this, but it works. I improvised quite a bit, but made it work. It was a tough year keeping this diet, but once I had cleaned out my system it was better and I was able to eat foods like pizza, that I loved again. If you want to e-mail me, I would love to help you.

Christine said...

I forgot eggs too.

Susanna said...

have you noticed any improvement with your eczema (sp?)? Hopefully seeing some improvement would help make it all worth it! I would go NUTS if I had to go on that diet and I know I would give in to those cravings! I think you're doing great!

Dianna said...

Feel free to check out my latest blog that I just posted. I figured you might be interested since you're also a fan of that subject that I posted about!

Eva said...

There most be something in the air - or it is just this change of season. We have been unsuccessful at getting our son's eczema under control this spring too. It's terrible. I feel for you.

Alisa said...

Hi Stacey,

I run Go Dairy Free, if you have any trouble finding some type of food you are craving, just email me. I am happy to send over some brand ideas and some recipes.

As for the chocolate. Scharfenberger (sp?) has a home baking bar collection that is made in a dedicated facility, and it is awesome! There are also a few brands of totally "safe" chocolate chips and cocoa powders.

Happy to help anytime you need it. Just email me at alisa - at - godairyfree - dot - org.

Dan & Laura said...

I feel for you Stacey! It's so much harder to avoid certain foods when you aren't allowed to have them! I know this isn't chocolate, but a new snack that I really like is roasted red pepper hummus (available in the grocery store) with veggies or PC flatbread wholegrain crackers with sesame seeds...yum. I checked the labels and neither has any traces of milk in it. The red pepper hummus is something I never would have thought to try but I had it at a baby shower and loved it. The thought of eating chickpeas grosses me out but the red pepper and spices in it disguises it.

Stam House said...

I'm so sorry !!! hope you ll find something nice to eat!