Saturday, June 28, 2008

Make it clean with Nellie's All-Natural

Nellie's All-Natural recently sent me a few of their products to try. They sent Nellie's Laundry Soda, Laundry Nuggets, and Dryer Balls.

Let me start by saying my reasons for trying Nellie's All-Natural:

~Obviously, it's all-natural :)
~I needed something that would wash diapers well, but rinse out completely, leaving no residue (many natural laundry soaps leave a residue which can cause your diapers to stink)
~I need something that will not irritate my sensitive skin.
~Nellie's is a Canadian company!!!!
~They use minimal packaging, reducing the garbage in our landfills

So, did it live up to my expectations?............ YES! I'm so glad that I got the chance to try Nellie's. I have used a few different natural laundry detergents/soaps, and this one is definitely the best for diapers. It is non-irritating, so my extremely sensitive skin has had no problems either.

You may be wondering why Nellie's All-Natural sells their Laundry Soda in two formats. The pre-measured nuggets are really just a matter of convenience. It has been handy for me a few times, like when my kids were sick, and I was washing bedding all night, I didn't have to think about how much detergent to add. I just threw in a nugget, and off I went!

Nellie's Laundry Soda is also very economical. A 50-load bag will cost about 20 cents/load, plus shipping costs. The 36-load bag of Laundry Nuggets is about 28 cents/load. However, if you have a retailer close by that sells Nellie's products, you save the shipping costs. There are also some package deals that will save you even more money.

Nellie's Dryer Balls are something I have seen before, and I believe they are the same ones that are sold by Norwex. My mom has some of these, and I knew she really likes them. I'm happy to say that they get the job done, and my clothes are now softer and more wrinkle free :) I wasn't a fabric softener user before due to my allergies, but now I can have the softness without the chemicals of dryer sheets. I am a little concerned about the fact that they are made of PVC, though they do say that they are completely safe.
*Size comparison between the dryer ball, laundry nugget, and a large egg.*

I highly recommend Nellie's All-Natural. Make sure to check it out next time you need to purchase laundry detergent.


Jobina said...

I saw that there's a place in Winnipeg that sells it. I might just have to see how much they sell it for and try it out. I've already switched my laundry and dish washer detergents to phosphate and chlorine free, every little bit helps.

Bruce and Heather said...

I just ordered some of the laundry detergent. We'll see how I like it:)

Dianna said...

Where can you get it form in Wpg would you know who sells it??