Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nasty Bug & What to do for birthdays *UPDATED*

Since Sunday morning we've been dealing with a nasty stomach flu in our house. Rowan was the first unlucky recipient. He started throwing up Sunday morning, and that continued on through Sunday night. He seemed happy and normal most of the time, except for the minute when he was throwing up. Seemed strange that he was so happy, and it was definitely a blessing :)

Monday was my turn. I woke up feeling kind of woozy, but thought it might just be from lack of sleep. Rowan had been up twice during the night, and Bria thought she needed to get up at 5 am! We went for a walk with Heather, which was nice, but I still wasn't feeling so great. Then we met some of my friends at the park for lunch. Melissa is leaving in a few weeks for missions, and we likely won't see her for a few years, so we met for a farewell.

I kept feeling worse and worse until I finally threw up in the evening. From then on I started feeling better, and yesterday was almost 100%. Unfortunately, Keith wasn't feeling well at all. He stayed home from work, which is pretty rare for him. He just felt really sore and achy.

Bria has also had diarrhea for the past few days, though she is otherwise happy.

Yikes. Glad we're almost through with this bug.

I've been wondering lately what I can do for Rowan and Bria's birthdays. Rowan will be turning 3 on July 20th, and Bria will be turning 1 on July 30th. I think this year they will have a party together, and it will probably be just family. What do you think? Any suggestions? I want it to be fun and special, and I'm hoping that can be accomplished with a double party.

This morning we need to go grocery shopping. I hardly know what to buy after being sick for a while. That, and trying to stay away from dairy makes shopping not so much fun. I had no idea about all the different ingredients that are actually dairy. Now that I know, I feel like it takes forever to read all the labels and I'm always disappointed by one more thing that contains dairy. I've looked at some lists of dairy free foods that were linked by Steph I think, but it's for the US, and in Canada we have different brands, and even sometimes the same brand will have different ingredients in different countries. *Sigh*

On a more serious note, could you all pray for Drea? I'm sure most of you have seen her blog once or twice. Anyway, she's been having trouble with her head going numb, and she's probably going for an MRI soon. Doesn't sound like fun, and I hope everything will be all right.


Please pray for Rowan. He got much worse today. He seemed happy and fine first thing in the morning, and ate a big breakfast. Then he got diarrhea... bad. Just as I was getting him ready for his nap, and putting on his diaper, I noticed that his tummy felt HARD. Very hard. About 5 seconds later, he puked. And not just a little. It was like a gushing fountain (sorry for TMI...). Poor guy. Had to take a shower and then I got his room all cleaned up for him. He says he feels a little better now, but I'm still a little worried. Not too mention I feel like drinking a bottle of disinfectant!


Sheila said...

Unfortunately you left that "bug" at our house. :(

Stacey said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry :( It's not fun.

melissa said...

I didn't know you weren't feeling well on Monday, I'm sorry!
how long does it take you to download videos? I've gone to the onetruemedia site that you use, and my videos, from my camera and from my webcam on the computer, are just huge. does it take a long time for you?

Stacey said...

Yes, it usually takes quite a while. I try to do other things while I'm waiting :)

Drea said...

awe.. thank you stacey... sorry to hear you have a bug in the house. those are no fun!! keep us all posted. Taites had a bit of the runs lately 2.. i think he may have something. Did I tell you how on fathers day I couldnt find him... I finally do and he is in our bathroom with his tooth brush....

dipping it in the toilet...
then sucking on it..

Id be amazed he doesnt get something from that! ICK!!!

Jobina said...

oh Stacey, that's so nasty! There's nothing like a sick kid in the house to make you feel like the whole place is unclean. I sure hope Rowan really is better after that.

Mom said...

Sure hope Rowan feels better soon - he doesn't have weight to spare! Give him a hug from us.
Birthdays, hard to believe it's that time already!!!

Sheila~ we got it too, but Les had been feeling it coming on for days - so you may have been 'tagged' by us! By Monday we both were pretty sick too.