Thursday, June 19, 2008


After having sick kids all over my living room furniture for the past week, it's time to clean it up. Thankfully our couch cushions have removable, washable covers. I just throw them in the washer with hot water, detergent, and a bit of bleach. The covers are easy to clean, but the bases of the couches are so stained already.
Yup, I have off-white colored couches, which was fine with no kids, but YIKES do they ever get dirty with little ones around!!

I've been thinking about getting our couches re-upholstered. I'd like to do leather, since I have dust allergies. I'm just not sure how easy it is to get couches re-upholstered, or if it is even worth it. Does is end up costing as much as a new set?

I'm going to have to look into it. For now, I'll just keep on washing :)

Oh, and here's a little video of Bria and her amazing tongue. I've been trying to capture this on camera for a long time!


Alyssa said...

I remember what a chore it was to clean that sofa last seems so long ago:) But it's always nice to have things looking and smelling fresh, isn't it? Good for you!

Great video of enthusiastic!

Jay Boaz said...

I kept expecting Bria to smash her face into the camera! Glad to see that didn't happen. :)


Andrea said...

Sooo, is everyone feeling better today? I hope so...flu's are no fun! And that video of Bria is SO cute! ;) She is looking so grown up!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

We JUST got rid of our off-white couches. NOT a good mix with three kids and three dogs. Ugh. It ended up being cheaper for us to get a whole new set- but our old couches were SO comfy- I wish we could have had them re-done! We did find a super comfy leather set that has worked out great, by the way.


Lindsey Dueck said...

OH no! I have offwhite couches too! They are leather so you can just wipe them down, but they get filthy so fast with just us, never mind when we have kids!

3 for Me!! said...

yuck...I can't stand the stomach flu....

But I love my old couch... my in-laws gave it to us when we got married and they have had it since my husband was a little tyke. It's not the style or colors I wold have chosen BUT the covers can come off and be washed!!! WONDERFUL with three little ones:) And two little ones needing to be potty trained:)

Hope you guys feel better soon:) And that you don't catch it.... for sure:)