Wednesday, June 25, 2008

She's CRAWLING!!!!

Finally! I knew this day was coming, but I wasn't sure she would catch on to crawling before she learned to walk. Yesterday morning we were at our mom's group, and I was chatting with a friend while Bria played on the floor. I looked down and saw her CRAWLING AWAY FROM ME!!!! Yikes!

I wasn't sure it was 'for real', so later at home I put something a few feet away from her, and sure enough, she crawled to get it! Now she's pulling herself up all over the place, and I'm starting to worry about what she's going to get into.

I'll have to get a video of it later. I'm so proud of my little girl :)

Today is grocery shopping day, and I'll be sewing a sling for a friend. I'll post a picture of that when it's finished too. And then, this evening Heather and I will be taking the kids, including her nephew Ashton, swimming. Should be fun!


Bruce and Heather said...

hopefully we don't get that thunderstorm that keeps lurking around the corner:)

The Stiffs said...

I've been wanting to make a sling, did you just figure it out from looking at one that you bought, or did you find some good instructions somewhere? I'd be grateful if you could share!

Stacey said...

If you would like to email me at keithandstacey[at]gmail[dot]com, I could send you some info.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bria on learning to crawl :)

Mark said...

Wow, Bria's crawling already. Well done!

Andrea said...

Dangerous stuff the crawling. lol!
I'm waiting for Amelia to start walking, she's getting braver and braver! Aren't they cute though when they're crawling like little maniac's whever to et whatever? =) I think it's cute. Landen never really crawled maybe that's why.