Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yikes, things have been crazy here! I just wanted to quickly post to say 'Happy Father's Day'! I will get to spend some time with my Dad this evening, which I am looking forward to. We're all headed over to Ken & Sheila's for Father's Day with my Grandpa.
One thing that really sticks out to me about my Dad, is how great he is with my kids. Rowan and Bria LOVE to go and visit Grandpa, and Bria is particularly fond of him right now. As in, she refuses to go to Grandma, but begs to go to Grandpa! Even when she was smaller and didn't like most people, she would be happy with him for a little while :)

My Father-in-law is always always ready to plan something fun with Rowan too. Trips to see the cows, ride on the tractor, and just basically making everything more fun from a 2 year olds perspective. I really appreciate his words of wisdom when we need them, and all of the support he has offered to Keith and me over the years.

I also want to thank Keith for being an awesome Dad to our kids. He stayed home this morning with Rowan, while Bria and I went to church. Rowan was sick and Keith did an awesome job of taking care of him :) Love you Keith... you always know what makes Rowan smile, and I'm so glad that our kids have someone so kind and loving as their Daddy.

I have a few things to post about in the next few days, including a free Pillar concert that was on Friday, and our friend Justin's wedding, which was yesterday. Stay tuned...

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