Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why I buy Canadian

Apples'n'Oranges is having a great contest right now for my fellow Canucks. Head over here to find out how you can enter.

Why do I buy Canadian? Well, there are a few reasons. I like knowing that I am supporting the economy in my own country. The small businesses need support to become bigger. If I send all my money to the US and other countries, what will happen to the stay-at-home moms trying to make a few bucks here at home in Canada?

I have also found that though I may pay a few dollars more for an item, it is often of a higher quality than I would find somewhere else. This is really important to me, as I want things to last.

Have you ever noticed how much duty you get charged when you get something shipped from across the border? OUCH! I prefer to get my items faster, and pay less for shipping/duty.

I have found so many awesome Canadian companies to buy from. In fact, I'm sure my husband would say that I like shopping a little too much :) At least I'm keeping a lot of that money in the country ;)

Like Rowan loves to say... 'Look Mommy... there's a Canada flag with a leaf on the bottom!'
There are a ton of reasons to buy Canadian. What are your reasons?

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Lara said...

Thanks for entering the contest. Supporting small business has always been one of my main personal reasons for shopping Canadian too!