Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friesen Gathering 2008

Well, I promised to post about this last week, and I totally forgot! With all the birthday stuff, and just life in general, it's easy to misplace my thoughts these days!

You might remember my post about our Thiessen family weekend at Grand Beach. Well, that Sunday we drove another 2 hours to spend the day with the Friesens! Keith's grandparents were celebrating their 50th anniversary, and we all got together as a family to remember the good old days.

We started the day with our own little service. We sang a few songs, and had some Freiwilligis (I have no idea how to spell that! It's kind of like having an open mic at a wedding. Anyone can share whatever is on their heart. Music, scripture, whatever.) Keith's cousin Justin wrote a really great song about Grandma & Grandpa. I sang with Keith's sisters, Pat and Roger shared a poem sent from some relatives in BC.Then, at the end of our little service, Grandma & Grandpa, and their 4 children all sang together. Roger played accordion and Keith's Dad played guitar. It was really special to see them all together like that. Apparently they used to always do this in days gone by.

Oh, if you notice Roger wearing a silly hat with a feather, you can thank Rowan :) He remembered the accordion playing man at the German restaurant we went to. He figured that anyone playing accordion needed a hat with a feather.

Of course, true to Friesen tradition, we had TONS of food. In fact, we might have been able to all stay another day and have enough food! It was delicious.

In the afternoon we took family pictures. Like individual families, larger group pictures, cousin pictures, sibling pictures, you name it, we did it! Thanks to Pat's friend, Andrea, for taking the pictures. We don't have any yet, but I stole some from Pat's blog to share with you :) These are from her camera, not Andrea's.Family is so special, and I'm very happy to have such great in-laws! I seriously cannot sympathize with those who complain about their in-laws. Mine are awesome. Really awesome.


Sheila said...

I guess I need to get myself a hat with a feather then!

Stam House said...

Sound like fun! and the family pic are great!

Ellen said...

sounds like a gathering in my family :) just had to comment that I think you're looking great!