Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm flying

Today I just have to say that Fly Lady is awesome. I woke up grumpy, tired, and not looking forward to the day. I pushed myself to actually read through one of my Fly Lady emails today, and get going. I actually listened to the Fly Lady online, while I did my Weekly Home Blessing Hour. You wouldn't believe how much I got cleaned in my house in that one hour, while working up a sweat and feeling good about it!

If you haven't already checked out Fly Lady, TODAY is a great day to start!!! The more I do with Fly Lady, the more I like it. I consider myself an extremely unmotivated, and somewhat lazy person. If Fly Lady can get me off my bottom then I'm positive it will work for you!

After Rowan's birthday party yesterday, I had some things that needed to be cleaned up, and I'm all done! It feels so good.

Speaking of his birthday... here's a bit of a video, OK, a loooong video, of him opening his guitar. I wanted to shorten it, but I couldn't figure out how.

He had a great day. He was so excited to see everyone in the evening, and he's loving his new soccer balls, football, kite, and especially his guitar :) Warren and Liane even bought him 8 pics so he can always find at least one. Those things get lost so easily!

Oh, and for a great new contest, check out my contest page.


Jenn said...

I used to subscribe to fly lady yrs ago...I need to do that again because I'm finding myself in a rut lately.

Glad to find your blog. I'll be adding you to my reads. Your blog is so beautiful and I love the design. (I know you had a great tweaker who worked on it too...isn't Drea awesome?)

Have a "Son"-y day!


Jenn said...

Oh and your son playing his guitar with his daddy is sooo precious! He is a little natural with his rhythm.