Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last Weekend

This past weekend my family spent Friday to Sunday at a bed & breakfast close to Grand Beach. The plan was to just go and relax. All my siblings, their kids, and my parents were there. It was really great to just kick back and not do anything!

This bed & breakfast is a great place to stay with family. There are 4 guest bedrooms, with a huge family room, an awesome screened veranda, a hot tub on the second floor deck, and an awesome couple to make us yummy breakfast :)

Friday night we tried out the hot tub. It was great, except that you had to keep your entire body in the water, and then constantly wipe the mosquitoes off of your face. I'm glad we couldn't see how many were floating around when we left! The kids went to bed with a little bit of crying, but over all they did really well.

Saturday was EXTREMELY windy! The trees right outside the house were swaying back and forth about 10 feet or so. We headed out to the beach just to see what it was like, and it was INSANE!! You have to remember that this is just a big lake, not the ocean. There are not normally waves crashing onto the shore. You'll have to check out the video to see how bad it was.

Saturday evening we were going to make pizza for supper, and had asked the owners of the b&b if they would join us. We had permission to use the kitchen all weekend. So, we got everything ready, and just as we were going to put the pizzas in the oven, the power went out! With a little bit of creative thinking, we decided to barbecue the pizzas. They turned out super yummy, though we had to wait a long time, and the meal was very drawn out!

I think the power was out for around 4 hours. Crazy stuff. We enjoyed a great time of singing together that evening. Rowan played his little pretend guitar with the boys (Warren & Dustin). We must have sung for quite a while, because my voice was getting a little hoarse by the end. Good times :)

Sunday morning things were a lot more calm, and the sun was shining. Keith, Rowan, Bria, and I headed to visit Keith's family for the day. I'll blog about that tomorrow :) For now, enjoy a little video recap of our time.


Drea said...

fun! it did look mighty windy there :-)
bria is so cute in that tiny chair!

Drea said...

oh a nd i love the pic of u holding bria :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time together. Could have been some spectacular body surfing too! :)

Andrea said...

That looks like so much fun! That little rocking chair is adorable...and so are Selah and Bria sitting in it! ;)