Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Staying Dry With Wee Ones by JaJoc

After becoming increasingly annoyed with the pocket diapers we were using for Rowan, I decided it was time to invest in something that actually did the job, instead of leaking all over his bed. It seemed no matter how much I stuffed them, those diapers were soaked and leaking by morning. I also wanted to get rid of all microfiber. That stuff holds on to stinky morning pee smell *YUCK*.

So, I managed to find yet another great Canadian WAHM (work at home mom) that makes awesome diapers! Wee Ones by JaJoc was just what I was looking for. After talking to Crystal about what I was interested in, she recommended the Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fleece fitted diaper, with a pull up PUL cover. I purchased 2 of these with the nighttime trifold insert, and 3 with the regular insert, along with 2 pull up PUL covers.

These diapers close with snaps, which is one reason I love them. I am so done with velcro/aplix. When I first received the diapers, one of the snaps was broken, and Crystal was very quick to offer me a solution. I was able to get the snap fixed quickly, and we've been enjoying the diapers ever since :)

The fit of these diapers is great. I love the leg ruffles, and how soft the fabric is. Rowan happened to get get the stomach flu shortly after we received the diapers, and let me just say, the diaper held in some nasty diarrhea! That tells me that these diapers would also be awesome for that runny newborn poo :)

The pull on PUL cover is super trim, and works so well. I don't think we've had any leaks while using these covers! The only thing that might be a potential problem, is that the leg elastic is a bit too tight. It can be a bit hard to pull them up, and Rowan gets some red marks on his legs. He has never complained that it was uncomfortable though, so I think they are fine, and Crystal mentioned that she has some other leg elastic that wouldn't be as tight. I might look into that for the future, if Rowan isn't night-trained soon.

The pricing on Wee Ones diapers is also something worth talking about! In a day and age when diapers are no longer made with just flannel, it can be hard to find a great diaper for a great price. I'm so thankful that Wee Ones diapers are still affordable, despite the fact that they are made with the most sought after materials! The night diapers for Rowan work out to $16 each, plus shipping! The covers are only $9! That is such a great price.

I think I've already decided that if/when we have another baby, Wee Ones will be getting a big order for small diapers from me!!

You can shop Wee Ones either at the main website, or where I found it, on Etsy. Make sure to check out the other products that Crystal sells as well :)


Drea said...

I love Crystals diapers. I am thinking of selling all my new bumgenius ones and getting a bunch of hers. She makes beautiful diapers

Bruce and Heather said...

They look good on Rowan. Nice and trim:)

Andrea said...

These look great. I'd be a little concerned about the elastic being tight, I have chunky babies and that scares me. I like the ones you have on Rowan they look great. Oh no.. someone is trying to damage things. gotta go.

Kenzie Prudhomme said...

Another happy WeeOnes customer. I just placed my second order with her and LOVE her dipes!
Isn't it great supporting a WAHM Canadian!!!