Thursday, August 14, 2008

Allergy/Eczema update : 2 weeks in

So, it's been 2 weeks since I started my 'no-food' diet :) Honestly, I have had some very bad days, but most of the time I can find something yummy to eat. Just not the things that I really want. I have discovered that food can taste great without all the extras. Simple but good.

I have been eating a lot of veggies and rice. One salad that I am really loving, that I had tried before this all came about is a cucumber/tomato salad with no dressing. It's super simple and tastes soooo yummy! You can change it up a lot too.

Healthy Cucumber-Tomato Salad

1 large cucumber, cubed
1-2 medium tomatoes, cubed
1/2 small onion, chopped finely
fresh basil, chopped (I have used dried too, just sprinkle some in)
garlic salt (or just plain salt. I love using Celtic Sea Salt)

Put all ingredients in a bowl with a lid. Shake it up a bit, then refrigerate for at least 1 hour. That's it!! This salad makes it's own dressing. I sometimes strain the juices when we are finished with the salad, and use it on a tossed salad the next day. YUMMO!! You can also change what kind of herbs/seasonings you add. Oregano is good, etc.

OK, back to the eczema. You would think that 2 weeks of a very strict diet (I have not cheated even once, to my knowledge) would already show some improvement in symptoms. My skin is just as itchy as always, and I honestly cannot say that I see any improvement. Is it worth it to continue depriving myself of some of my favorite things? I haven't quite decided yet. I'll give it at least another week, and if there is still no difference, then I think this is obviously isn't what's wrong with me!

Keith came up with an excellent idea the other day. When I'm all done with this crazy diet, I'm going to try avoiding all soy. Yup, this is also going to be difficult, not because I like soy, because I actually think it's the most disgusting thing ever, but because Keith works at a soybean processing plant! He comes home covered in soy dust/oil everyday.

I think Keith has a point, because anytime I go near his work truck, I get all itchy, my nose runs, and my throat gets really scratchy. This happened on Tuesday when I transfered Rowan's carseat into the truck for the day. My symptoms all cleared up within an hour, which was really odd. I didn't think of the truck right away, but my mom suggested that it was likely the culprit.

Another thing Keith asked, after seeing an Aveeno commercial, was if any of my creams/lotions/skin care products contained soy. I was pretty sure they didn't. Then I was reading about the new diaper rash salve I bought from here, and they said that vitamin E oil is often derived from soy!! Almost all my skin care products contain vitamin E! I almost always get itchy right after putting on lotion/body butter. What's a girl to do... I think I will try my hand at making my own skin care products.

So, that's the update on where things are at. Hopefully I get this all figured out real soon.


Jay Boaz said...

Maybe you're onto something with the soy. Is Keith able to shower at work before coming home? If it turns out to be soy you may need a soy "decontamination" room for him when he gets home.

Hope regardless that you solve the problem!

Mark said...

Keith is a genius! Listen to his wise words!

Andrea said...

I can't imagine - Good luck!!!

That salad sounds yummy is right.

Anonymous said...

Try adding vinegar to the salad. We've been eating that salad for years and I think most Thiessens love their vinegar.

I can imagine the difficulty with trying out what foods work and which ones don't. Frustrating to say the least. But if and when it works, the result is a good feeling. Hang in there and I hope you figure out soon what you can and can't have (including the non-edibles). Wouldn't it be great if it was just the soy!

aunt Monika

Cheryl said...

Don't give up yet... I don't know anything about food allergies related to eczema, so you might have tried long enough.. but I had to be on a very strict diet for awhile, trying to get rid of headaches and I had to do it for a few months before we could know whether or not that was the problem. It's amazing how long our bodies take to be cleansed...
Hang in there... I know it's tough to avoid everything that is common!

amy said...

You sound like you are in the middle of a mystery!! I hope that you get it figured out soon, and can enjoy some of your favorites again.

Wendy said...

So strange about the soy! My hubby switched to soy milk bc cows milk was upsetting his stomach, but when he drinks it his throat gets itchy. Hmm.....