Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great things from my garden :)

Today I went out to our little apple tree. We planted it last year I believe, maybe the year before. We never expected to get apples this early, but this year I picked 3 heaping ice cream pails full of apples! There was only one bad apple in the bunch, which was awesome!

I borrowed my mom's apple peeler, corer, slicer. That thing sure makes life easier. I put 24 cups of apples in my freezer, and dehydrated a bunch more. Yum. I'm dreaming of hot apple pie in the middle of winter... :)

I also made 7 quarts of pickles. I think we should have plenty of pickles now. I still have some left from 2005! Yeah, we don't eat a lot of pickles. Though we really like the sliced pickles on burgers and sandwiches. I use Jobina's super easy recipe, and heat them in the microwave, since I've never tried it any other way. Works great.

So, tomorrow we head out to visit Keith's family. We'll be gone til September 7th I believe. So, if you don't hear from me for a while, I'm probably enjoying a ride on the combine with my husband, or baking and cooking in my mother-in-laws kitchen, or catching a bit more sleep while my kids enjoy their time with Grandma. Don't forget me while I'm gone! You'll want to check back for sure by the middle/end of September... I'm going to have some big news. Yup, you'd better come back!! You won't want to miss this!


Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

are ya preganant?


Jobina said...

that's the first thing I thought of too, but then I thought, why wouldn't she just say, if she's going to hint at it? This is gonna drive me nuts.

Stacey said...

Definitely not pregnant ;) You'll just have to wait and see.

Andrea said...

I think I might have heard the good news... ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Have lots of fun!!!!1111

Anonymous said...

if you have too many pickles i would gladly assist you in consuming them, as mom doesn't seem to get around to making any pickles these days


Jay Boaz said...

I was also guessing pregnant. :) Feel free to stop by for a visit while you're out this way!


Anonymous said...

I too was guessing pregnant. Have a great time visting Keith's parents and I hope you have lots of time to relax!

Jenn said...

Those apples are BEAUTIFUL!

Hot apple pie is sounding real good! I also love home-made pickles. My friend Angela has been keeping me stocked in them from a precious lady of her church. They're wonderful!