Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank you Drea and Crystal!

So it's not exactly like it was before, but Drea managed to save my header, and I copied my button off of her blog, so all is not lost :)

Funny thing is, if it hadn't been for Crystal of Wee Ones, my header would have been lost forever too! She had emailed me asking for a banner to put on her new website. Since I didn't have one, I asked Drea if she could make me one using my header! So, just yesterday morning Drea made me a new banner, which meant she saved my header onto her computer!

Thank you Crystal! I'm am so glad you asked for a banner!!!

Make sure you check out Crystal's new website too. She sells great diapers and accessories, and she's Canadian too!


Crys ~ Wee Ones said...

did you loose your entire site or something?

Liane said...

Looking good!!!