Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday we set up Rowan's new bed. The bed used to belong to my cousin Matthew, but he gave it to Rowan a few weeks ago. At first, Rowan didn't want us to set it up in his room... he likes his little red bed. But, once Keith had it all put together, there was no way he wanted to sleep in the little bed anymore!

Right now we don't have a proper mattress for the bed. He's still sleeping on his crib size mattress. It works though. We put some blankets around the mattress, just so he could climb around up there a bit easier. Eventually we will need to get a real mattress though.

Just a little reminder... tomorrow (Monday) I will be sharing our very first review on Glimpse! Make sure to check it out and tell your friends! Did I forget to mention that there is a giveaway involved?


Andrea said...

So, is that a bunk bed, or just a high big boy bed? It looks like Rowan really likes it!

Stam House said...

This is a very nice bed!!!!

Ellen said...

that's really cool! I am thinking that we may need to do this soon for TJ - I'm just scared that my son will try to jump off :) and I had the same question as andrea.