Monday, September 15, 2008

Have you seen my camera?

I think I left our camera at the church after our super crazy youth lock-in on Saturday. I can't seem to find it. So, I'll have to post without any new pictures :)

To those who are wondering, I did make some very simple body butter. I think it turned out pretty good, and it's nice and creamy. It could be a little bit thicker, but this way it's easier to rub in. Here's my recipe, in case you want to try it.

Body Butter
3 Tbsp Beeswax beads
3 Tbsp Coconut Oil
3 Tbsp Avocado Oil
10 drops of my facial oil from Lote Tree (I love Lote Tree :)

I just did my own thing after reading a bunch of recipes that had stuff in them that I didn't have on hand. I'm sure I'll play around with it a bit yet.

This evening Warren & Liane are moving into their new house. We were there for a while helping them sort out their stuff. It still has a ways to go before it's finished, but it's ready enough to move in. They have no interior doors, no baseboards, and no shelving in the closets. Other than that it's very livable though. I can't wait to visit them there when they are all settled.


Dianna said...

Hope you find your camera. Let us know.

Stam House said...

Losing a camera is no fun!!!! That body butter look fairly easy to make I should give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Hope you find your camera.

Ellen said...

that sounds like a very interesting recipe (I wouldn't have known where to start I think). Does it have a good smell to it? that's exciting for Warren and Liane moving into a new place, a lot of work though! especially with a toddler underfoot :)