Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life gets busy sometimes

Yikes! The past few days have just flown by, and I've barely had a chance to sit down! Most of what I've been doing is just taking back control of my house, but appointments here and there, cleaning our rental property, and planning events has gotten me really busy.

I forgot to mention that for the body butter recipe, you just melt it all together in the microwave, just til it is totally melted, and then whip it with a hand mixer as it cools. It helps to put the bowl in a larger bowl filled with ice water.

Tomorrow is supposed to be summer weather again. I can hardly wait! I'm still not used to these cool fall days.

Oh, did I mention that I mowed the lawn yesterday, for the first time in my married life... (can you see me blushing through your screen?) Yup, I don't think I will volunteer to do it again. Our yard is so incredibly bumpy (due to night crawlers) that my arms were seriously vibrating. It took me well over an hour to mow our TOWN yard. The grass was so long that the lawn mower stalled a couple times.

Well, so much for my rambling. It's a little late for my poor brain :)


Ellen said...

lol.. you made me laugh.. I can't believe you've never mowed the lawn - I'm the only one that does here :) if it wasn't for me we'd have grass as tall as trees, lol! I sure know what you mean tho about getting busy!!

Stam House said...

life is always busy !!! I think we don't realize how much free time we have when we are single and how much less being married and non existent when kiddos arrived LOL

Andrea said...

That's making me laugh because I have NEVER mowed a yard in my life. LOL!!