Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Should I make slings to sell? Youth lock-in

So I've been thinking of starting to make slings to sell a little bit more aggressively. So far I really haven't tried to sell them, other than a post here on my blog a while ago.

I have the chance to display a sling at a local fabric shop in town. I'm seriously considering this, but I want to improve my sling design first. That's where you come in :) I want to know what your favorite features are on your slings. What shoulder style do you like? Solid colors or prints, or both? Heavier weight fabric or light weight quilting cotton? How wide and long do you like them? Give me your thoughts ladies!

I know I mentioned it in passing the other day, but last weekend we kicked off our youth year with a lock-in at the church. It was both fun and a challenge for us. I think it was the first time that I stayed up for an entire night (other than a bit of dozing off during an early morning movie). Let me say now that I don't think I will ever try that again! I'm too old for that. I felt like throwing up.

It's hard to keep up with all the energy that our youth have. Our group has grown again this year, with a grand total of 42 students that showed up for the lock-in! WOW! I hope that they all feel welcome and will come back. It will be challenging to keep in control of such a large group though. Warren & Liane and Keith & I are the only people working with the youth. We have no other helpers or youth sponsors. It definitely feels overwhelming at times, with our kids and trying to come up with a plan each week. Any suggestions are welcome :)

Here is a short video with a few pictures from the lock-in and a short video of my amazing hubby beating my brother-in-law Bruce at an arm wrestle. Thanks so much, Bruce, for helping us out that night! Very much appreciated.


Stam House said...

pattern are fun if colorful and great gift when you don't know the sex of the little one1, one color are most wanted when people knows the sex of the baby
stretch is better with young small babies but for older heavier cotton (non stretchy) is best.

I love padding on the shoulder for long wear and long tail for covering baby while nursing!

Also doing wrap (stretchy and non stretchy) are so easy to make and sell pretty good! and almost no work (of using fleece no sewing so it's the fastest way to go!!!)

pouch sling are nice too but you would need to size the people first and make alteration if needed so could be more work!

Mei tai are awesome and also easy to make and very nice for wearing on the back for a long time!!!

Hope this help

Andrea said...

How fun! But yeah, I definitely do NOT think I would do very well at staying up for the whole night either!! That is so cool that you may have a chance to sell more slings!!! I haven't seen your slings so I'm not sure what kind of shoulder pleats you have...but i have a sling from Kimz Creationz (it's on etsy - and there's also a link to her site on my blog sidebar if you want to check it out) and I really love the way she pleats the shoulder...I'm not sure, but you might be able to see a little photo on her site of how she does the shoulder. I'm more of a plain fabric kinda girl though...I love plain/one or two color carriers. But if you were to make slings to sell, you'd probably have to do a variety between plain colors and fabrics with designs. Good luck!!!

The Pauls' said...

I have only used the Mama Kangaroo wrap so I don't know much except for that one. What I really like about it is the way that is cuddles a new born. I also like the little pocket in the front. It's amazing what that can all be used for:)

Jenn said...

I'm no help with the sling accept to say that if I had a little one, I'd probably like a solid color like black, red or deep purple. =) The pocket idea suggested sounds like a great feature to have on it too.

Youth lock ins are so fun!!! =) Thank you for sharing the vid.

Andrea said...

I definitely think you should do this!
I Love all kinds of patterns, it's great to have different things to choose from. I don't use slings that often, I have one and use it but I don't have anything!

Drea said...

well I personally think you'd do great making slings.. but why not let me review one ;-) HAHA
lock ins... ahhh.. I remember those days :-) I miss lots of things about youth ministry.. but sadly one of those things is not a lock in! haha