Monday, October 27, 2008


I haven't slept well in a looong time it seems. And when I don't sleep well, I dream a lot. I tend to be a dreamer anyway, but the dreams get more vivid the more tired I am. Lately I have been dreaming about tornadoes. Not just one tornado, but lots and lots of tornadoes at once. Running and screaming in my dreams doesn't exactly make for restful sleep :( Saturday night I was dreaming about tornadoes and Bria falling down the stairs, all in one dream. It was freaky.

Last week I was dreaming about tornadoes, meteorites falling to the ground, and giant black widow spiders. It was SCARY!

What do you do when you have dreams? What helps you to sleep more soundly? I know for now, I won't be getting much rest. Bria is having trouble sleeping due to pain. She was up at least half the night last night. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who is willing to stay up with her! I don't know why (OK, maybe because I'm just exhausted) but when I hear those cries in the middle of the night, my body acts like it's paralized and I can't get up.

Right now Bria is awake instead of having her afternoon nap. She slept for about an hour, and then woke up crying. And it was too soon to give her more tylenol. I am currently waiting for a phone call from her specialist. Maybe we can figure out what's preventing the sleep around here. I hope.


Bruce and Heather said...

I sing old hymns in my head. The same one song always pops into my head when I can't fall asleep. The past few nights I've had trouble sleeping too, but probably for very different reasons.

Stam House said...

Wow pretty interesting and scary dream!

I like drinking chamomile tea before going to bed when my mind or body as been racing for to long!

It does usually help me!

Kalle said...

I try reading. I've always battled sleep issues but I've recently been taught that you should never lie awake in your bed for longer than 15 minutes. If you're not asleep by then get up, even for three minutes, and do anything else, then try sleeping again. It's hard to do but I find it really really helps.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I have the weirdest dreams when I nap during the day. I dreamed the other day about a spider, too! And when I woke up, my hubby found a spider on the floor downstairs and let it outside. I also dreamed about He-Man (weird- I know!) and later that day read someone mention She-Ra & He-Man on her blog!


Anonymous said...

I dream A LOT as well and I'm not sure how to stop them.
Praying that Bria will start sleeping more again soon!