Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flowers and Tupperware

While we were in the hospital, we received a special delivery from the guys that Keith works with. I totally would not have expected to get flowers from these guys. I usually see them covered in soy oil and get annoyed when they call our house at 2am because there's a problem at the mill. It was so nice of them to think of us. Bria loves to look at 'her' flowers, and is waiting for the day that I take the bunny out and let her play with it :) Thanks guys!
On a totally unrelated note... my Tupperware now has a higher purpose. It has become the bed of our very large stuffed puppy. Rowan decided that my salad spinner and thatsa bowl make a good bed and blanket. Silly kid! I thought it was pretty funny though.


Stam House said...

The flowers are gorgeous!!! and the bed so funny!!!! Kids have the best imagination ever!

Mom said...

I'm thinkin' puppy looks quite comfy!

Susanna said...

aw, that's cute, I love the puppy's "blanket"! Kids sure know how to make things interesting :)