Saturday, October 25, 2008

Praise the Lord, we're HOME!

After a very long week, we are finally home! Thanks for all of your prayers. After a few very rough nights, Bria slept so well on Thursday night! Maybe because I wasn't there. I don't know. I think she was getting used to me picking her up all the time when she cried.

Yesterday Bria seemed almost back to her normal self. She played, walked, talked, and SLEPT! She had three nice naps and slept all night last night. She ate lots of breakfast this morning, but she's been such a grump.

It's so good to be home, though our house is a total WRECK! It's going to take days to catch up on everything.

I thought maybe I'd give you all a bit of a rundown on how our week was. Just to give you a glimpse of life at Children's Hospital. This is going to be a bit long, so bear with me :)

Monday: We arrived at Children's Day Surgery 6:30 am. Boy was it hard to get up! I sure didn't sleep very much Sunday night either, so that didn't help. Anyway, we got Bria changed into her little hospital gown, and they managed to find some pants for her that were almost small enough ;) Of course, everyone was commenting on how cute she is, and how beautiful her red hair is. I think almost every person we came into contact with made some kind of comment. We waited around a little bit, and met the student nurse that would be following her for the day.

From there, we went to a big waiting room full of toys. Bria had a great time running around, climbing on the little couch, and just being a very happy little girl. We met with the Anesthetist, the nurse, and Bria's specialist, who was also the surgeon. We were given a few options from the Anesthetist, and told a bit about how it would all go. Then they took Bria (who really didn't cry much at all!) and we walked over to the parents waiting room. This is where the day got really long. She went into the OR at 8am. We were only called in to see her by about 1 or 1:30! We had to wait in this tiny little room with a couple magazines and a TV. Thankfully Keith's mom came to join us while we waited. We even had a few visits from Keith's aunt Vicki who works in the Cafeteria at the Health Sciences Center (Children's is part of HSC).

When the surgery was done, we met with the surgeon to talk about it. She said that it was very good that we had done this now, since the duplex kidney was more swollen than they had originally thought. It was also covered in cysts, and was very unhealthy. They also took out the extra ureter, which they said looked more like bowel than ureter, it was so fat and swollen! They actually had to test the tissue first, to make sure it was ureter. Yikes. Unfortunately, the remainder of her kidney is not as healthy as they had hoped either. Her anatomy is weird, and she only has one blood supply to her kidney instead of two. Dr. Dharamsi said her kidney was gray instead of pink. Maybe that will improve a bit, now that the duplex kidney is gone.

Whew. Then we waited again before we got to go in and see Bria. It was really heart breaking to see her wake up. Her eyes were open just a tiny bit, and she was so swollen from the fluids they were pumping into her. She couldn't focus on anything, and she was drooling out the side of her mouth. She hardly had the strength to suck on her soother a little bit. I was kind of freaked out, but I stayed with her until she was stable enough to be transfered to the ward.

Once we got up to her room, she slept for a while. Then she woke up, and was a little bit more with it. I was able to hold her for a few hours, which seemed to make her a bit happier, though she was still so doped up that it was hard to tell. Her first smile was when Rowan walked in the room later in the evening. She was so happy to see him! That totally melted my heart :)

Monday night was kind of rough, as she was still in a lot of pain. Neither of us slept well at all.

Tuesday: I don't remember much about Tuesday, except that Bria was really jumpy. Every time she would sort of fall asleep, she would jerk herself awake. That was so frustrating. She hardly rested at all. The night was more of the same, and Keith's mom offered to stay with me. That was a huge blessing! She was up most of the night with Bria, while I tried to sleep a bit. Between the jerking and her IV occluding (you learn something new everyday...) no one really got any sleep.

Wednesday: Bria seemed back to her happy little self. She wanted to play, though she didn't want to sit alone, and she wouldn't stand on her own either. She seemed to be getting much better. So, Keith's mom decided to go home, since she was so exhausted from the night before. That night was terrible. Bria just wouldn't sleep. She got a total of a couple hours of sleep all night.

Thursday: The day was no better. I called in the reinforcements :) Keith took Friday off of work and offered to come in for the night.

Alyssa was a huge help to me on Thursday. Around noon, Bria had a short, peaceful nap. Then she woke up screaming and wouldn't stop. With the lack of sleep, I was at the end of my rope. Alyssa told me to go get some lunch, and she held Bria for a while. I walked down to the cafeteria, fighting back tears the whole way. On the way back to the room, I just couldn't hold it back any longer. I found myself a chair and bawled. When I was finished, I was a slimy mess, and went into the nearest office to find some tissue. Just as I walked back into the hallway, my parents and Rowan walked by! I had no clue they were coming to see us, and I was so relieved. Thank you Jesus!!!

My parents stayed the rest of the day. I headed home with Alyssa after supper. We did some laundry, and then I went to sleep before 10. That was just what I needed.

Friday: We headed back to the hospital, early in the morning. Honestly, I was a bit nervous about it, and not very hopeful at all. I figured we were in for another long day, and another night in the hospital. Thankfully, Keith had good news :) Bria slept the night away, and only woke up when her IV occluded a few times. That nasty alarm... Then, we waited for everything else to fall into place. First, she drank all her milk. Then she had a nasty dirty diaper. And, she napped!! YAY! So, when the Doc finally came by that afternoon, we were cleared to go home. We left around supper time and were home around 7pm.

So, if you made it through all of that CONGRATULATIONS! I just really needed a place to write this all down. One day I'll look back at it all and just be happy that it went so smoothly ;)

I made a montage of a few pictures and a short video from our stay in the hospital. The blond kneeling beside Bria in one of the pictures is our favorite nurse, Sarah. She was awesome :)


Kalle said...

What a blessing to be home. I'm so glad to read that everything went smoothly and that the surgery was a success. Wishing you all a quick recovery.

Ellen said...

you sure looked good in the pics for very little sleep and being in a tough mom position (watching your baby go through everything). That's good that the Dr's got to assess everything and fix things before it got too out of hand! I just love how God provided you with friends in family when you needed it the most! praying that things go smoothly at home!

Alyssa said...

Even though I'm *SUPER GLAD* that you're all home, a little selfish part of me is gonna miss seeing you every day. That being said, I hope you never have to be in hospital ever again:) One time was MORE than enough, right?

3 for Me! said...

Glad you guys are home! And maybe you can get some much need "out of the hospital" rest!!

And we'll continue to pray for a full recovery and healing of Bria!!

Andrea said...

I'm so glad you're finally back home and that Bria is doing better! :) I remember when I had to stay at the Childrens hospital when I was about 5 - I loved that toy room!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are at home!!! praying that Bria gets better soon and that things will go smoothly at home!

Stam House said...

Oh what a brave little girl!!!! thanks for sharing this post!

Laura said...

wow...sounds like it was a long week! Its great that you're home now and it's overwith! It must be nice to have that behind you. Hopefully Bria has a great week healing and that you feel like you can get caught up on everything (or at least not notice it as much! :)

Jamy said...

Glad to hear that you're home and that everything went well. I will continue to pray for you. Especially in the sleep department.