Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where have I been?!

So, it may seem that I took a bit of a bloggy break. In fact, I guess you could say it was just that. Feeling overwhelmed will do that to you, but I'm back now, and I hope to be here at least til Sunday!

So, what did I do while I was gone? Well, other than spending a total of 5 hours waiting in the ER/Urgent Care and trying to get better (ear infection and nasty sore throat), we've celebrated Thanksgiving, and I spent the day at the polls yesterday!

Sunday we headed over to my parents house for a wonderful turkey dinner! It was really nice to spend some relaxing time together. It was also our very last gathering at mom & dad's without flooring! Yay! Their new flooring (bamboo) is almost all in now. What a relief :) It's been a long time coming.

Monday, we were very privileged to host Keith's family for Thanksgiving. They spent the day with us, and even Darren (Stacey's man) joined us! My mother-in-law brought ALL the food along! I didn't have to prepare a thing. Not even dessert! Now there's a blessing. Rowan and Bria both had an awesome time playing with their anuties and Grandma & Grandpa. Bria is finally not scared of everybody! That's something to really be thankful for!

Yesterday I took on the roll of Information Officer for a full day at the Election. I loved it! I got to greet the voters as they came into the polling place, and show them which poll to vote at. It was fun and challenging to answer all the questions and I would totally do it again! Keith had everything under control at home, so it was nice to come home to all my people :) Bria started crying when she saw me though. I guess she didn't really realize that she missed me or something!

Keith is off this week, so I'm looking forward to spending some time as a family before Bria's surgery. It looks like Keith will be back home, going to work as usual the day after surgery. Rowan will stay with my parents, and I will be sleeping in the hospital, in Bria's room for the week. Fun. Tomorrow we go to meet with the Anesthetist, so I hope we find a few more answers to our questions. This is a very interesting ride.

Hopefully I'll be back later with some pictures and more exciting post! Just thought I'd update you all.


Kalle said...

I hope you get the answers you need before the surgery. I always feel better "knowing what to expect". Polls are so fun. I got completely hooked on elections last year.

Stam House said...

Thanks for the update! are you felling any better?

amy said...

Good to hear from you. Hope you're feeling better. We've been fighting some fun flu bugs over here too. Enjoy your family week!