Thursday, October 30, 2008

Youth Tonight... For all of us!

Tonight for youth, we're going to be watching a video called Shells, from the Nooma series. If you are a 'busy' person, please take the time to watch! I found it on You Tube. It has Porteguese subtitles on, but the speaking is in English. I'm definitely going to be thinking on this video. I hope it can provoke some thought in you too!

PS. The house is tidy :)


Stam House said...

I always love Nooma and Rob Bell!!!! this is an excellent video!!!! I love it!!!!

And it's so true that we tend to get busy for pleasing other, for doing good for all sorts or reason and we forget to ask God what He wants us to do and let Him guide our schedule!!!

I've been struggling with having to say no to a lot of things. To say NO period!!! but God as given me a huge responsibility and I feel I have to do it and refuse other stuff that would be more fun, more rewarding, more satisfying then staying home, cooking, cleaning, disciplining, teaching, changing poopy diapers, lacking sleep and getting all sorts of emotion out of me that I don't like!!!

But I'm trying to focus of the big picture! God is teaching me some valuable lesson here at home! Learning patience, contentment, learning more about Him and myself! Teaching our children to rely on Him and trusting Him on everything being selfless.

All of this is not easy, saying no is not easy, saying no when you fully know the "need" that needs to be fill and how our heart long to be able to fulfill this need for good reason as for selfish reason (we have to admit that it;s always nice knowing that we are needed!)

We have to learn to say Yes to God and No to business!

Thanks for the taught provoking topic!!!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh i hadn't seen that one but it is exactly what I've been struggling with in the past few weeks. Exactly.


Anonymous said...

Great video Stacey. I generally tend not to have a problem saying "no." The biggest thing I got from this video was the part about other people's "expectations." It's very frustrating to me when someone lives their life having expectations of other people. To me that means that if you say "no" to something that person "expects" of you then they are judging you for not doing what they think you "should" do. It makes me angry. I will admit that I can be very stubborn, but when someone has "expectations" of me and I've said "no" to something I don't think they realize that their expectations make me even more forceful with my "no" answers.

I don't believe anyone else has a right to have expectations of another person. I live my life with as little expectation of anyone else as I can. I think it makes those "yes" times all the more enjoyable and I find I surround myself with people that expect less and appreciate more. I tend to want to do more with, or for those people knowing that if I have to say "no," they realize I've said "yes" to something else without having to justify myself.

Thanks for posting that video Stacey. ;)