Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I felt inspired

Today a woman in the Winnipeg Babywearing group mentioned that she wanted to make a new mei tai that had a bigger body and wide straps. I knew Drea had made a Ball Baby Overall Mei Tai, so I went off to find the directions . I found them at the Jan Andrea website, which is an awesome resource by the way! If you are looking to sew any type of baby carrier, check there first. You will likely find some very nice directions.

Anyway, so I posted the link for my friend Alexis, and then I decided to give it a try myself. While I was out this morning I bought some home decorator fabric for $12. I was hoping to get some a bit cheaper, but I still wanted something that looked half decent :) This afternoon I set to work and completed most of it. I just put on the finishing touches this evening. Yay! I hope this will work for Bria. Otherwise I might just donate it somewhere. Anyone in need of a mei tai? ;) I'm probably asking for trouble with that question!!

It was pretty easy to sew, and I would encourage anyone with minimal sewing skills to give it a try. Buy some inexpensive fabric and go for it! It's all straight stitching, nothing complicated. You might just find out that you CAN afford a nice carrier after all.


Felicia Eis said...

Thanks for the link!! I have been wanting another carrier so maybe I can make one.

Now I just need the time and the money :P That is the problem with being a poor college student.

Mrs. S said...

If I had a sewing machine (or knew how to sew handstitches that wouldn't come out), I would make one. I would love mai tei...I'd love to be able to carry my son around for awhile longer. He outgrew our only carrier MONTHS (probably almost a year) ago. Poor guy.

Stam House said...

Love the fabric and good job on it!!! you should post a picture of you using it!!!