Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I just want my 8 hours!

Sick kids. I'm sure I'm one of many moms right now dealing with the nasty flu/cold season. My poor babies! Sleep is eluding them, and therefore, me too. Oh what I wouldn't give for a peaceful night. Last night they didn't settle until around 2am! And of course, Bria was up by 7:30 again. Ugh. I just want to sleep! Getting up more than five times each night is no fun.

How do you help your kids sleep better when they are sick? I've tried baby vicks, lots of water, socks to keep their feet warm, etc. Nothing seems to help. I'm also not one to medicate my kids unless absolutely necessary. Not that there's anything you can give a one year old anyway.

Sleep, oh sleep, please come back!


Andrea said...

I feel your pain...although I don't have sick kids...I just have a sleepless baby! ;)

Liane said...

I tried a thin layer of honey on chest and back (wrap them up loosely in foil or a towel) Of course you have to bathe them in the morning. I don't know if it really was the honey or if she is just getting better, but she didn't cough as much as the nights before! So I'll just say it was the honey!

Kalle said...

It may not help with the sleep but for cranky babes I hear grape water works wonders.

Mrs. S said...

And even if you give your kids medicine, I don't think it works well.

BUT have you tried Vicks on their feet? Steam showers? Humidifier? That's about what we do. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Also, I would give them lots of liquids and even have them eat oranges for Vitamin C

Carole Hiebert said...

I can totally identify....you only realize how precious sleep is when you're not getting enough!! Nate (almost 7 months) got 2 teeth last week, and must be working on more. I've had to give him Tylenol the last 2 nights, plus he's still up for feeding every 2-3 hours,. The only thing that gets me through is my mantra: This too shall pass!

Wishing you a better night tonight!

Jodi said...

We're just getting over a cough/cold.
Our bedtime routine was: Vicks on the bottom of the feet, warm air humidifier, menthol plug in vaporizer, and lifted matress.

we went from a really horrible night to almost normal!

Laura said...

have you tried vicks on their feet? i know it sounds weird but it really works.