Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was his gift :)

25 years ago, I arrived in this world. Right on my Grandpa's birthday :) I always thought it was so special to share my birthday with Grandpa. Today's a very special day for both of us, as he's turning 80 and I'm turning 25! We'll be celebrating later with the entire extended family (the ones who can make it). Steak dinner :) Sounds good to me! I know my Grandpa doesn't do the internet thing, but Happy Birthday Grandpa! I hope you have a great day, and I'm excited to see you later :)

And of course, since it's my birthday, my giveaway will be ending tonight! Make sure to get your entry in!


BundlebooMaMa said...

happy birthday grampa! And welcome to the closer to 30 club HA!!!

Mrs. S said...

Happy birthday, you two! My son shares his birthday with my father-in-law! I hit the jackpot for birthday presents!

Larissa Joy said...

Happy Birthday, and tell that to Grandpa too!