Saturday, November 08, 2008

Look what we got :)

SNOW! Yup, Thursday morning was cold and rainy, but by the afternoon it turned to snow :) Rowan was so excited to get out and play, even though he hasn't been feeling well since Tuesday or Wednesday. So yesterday I bundled up both kids and we went out to play in the snow. Bria discovered that she cannot walk in snow, and so she just sat there and played in one spot. Rowan and I tried to make a snowman, but the snow was too powdery, and not sticky enough.

Last night Rowan told me I should get a new kitchen :) A boy after my own heart! He saw a crack in the countertop and said that if our kitchen is broken, then we need a new one. Someday Rowan, someday.

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Stam House said...

Wow "SNOW"!!!!! and lots of it!!! WE ahve been having the strangest weather ever here last week it was super cold and now for the past couple of days it's rainy foggy and 14 degrees!!!

Snow will be coming soon I'm sure I can't wait to see how Rebekah will react!!!

Drea said...

Wow.. it was 80 here yesterday lol

Kalle said...

Look at all that snow. I wish is would snow here, so far it's just cold. What's the point of winter if there is no snow? Soon enough I guess. Bria looks too cute with her pink parka.

BundlebooMaMa said...

Ugh, I don't look forward to getting snow here. Looks like you had fun with it tho :)

Andrea said...

I can't even stand the thought of snow, really I can't. We've been having flurries and I want to cry. =( Looks like the kids had fun.