Tuesday, November 11, 2008

M&Ms and snowly walks

Last night was Ladies Fellowship at our church. We meet once a month as ladies for a bit of fun and usually a Bible Study too. Last nights theme was Friends and Chocolate. Perfect :) We had a great time trying to guess who was who with a little quiz, and we all ate chocolate covered treats to our hearts content. Thanks to Sadie, Rhonda, and Sadie for bringing the chocolate fountain and all the stuff to dip! It was so much fun, and so tasty :)After all that chocolate, Elaine was a bit concerned that it might stick around. I offered to go for a walk with her this morning :) We took the kids on a nice long COLD walk. We ended up at the park, where Rowan fell in the snow and got some in his mittens and up his sleeves. Oops. There were no more happy moments after that! Thankfully we live really close to the park and we were home in a matter of a few minutes. No problem. Thanks for taking some pictures Elaine :)
I'll leave you with a little video of Rowan singing his new favorite song. It's really hard to understand because he was sick. He's just barely getting over the flu after about 5 days of lying around. Poor guy.

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Nana said...

Oh it was a fun evening! Glad you got to go for that walk. I've been cleaning, so that counts :)
Hope Rowan is feeling better today!! Give him a BIG hug.

Stam House said...

Bible study sounded like fun!!! and wow you guys have lots of snow!!!!

Jobina said...

oh poor little guy! He sounds so cute though, that song has always been a big hit with our kids too! Hope he's up and about more soon and the rest of you don't get it!

Andrea said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys have! We have NONE - yet!! I know it's coming, but it actually missed us this time which is a miracle. :) Oh, and Rowan's song is super cute!!

Anonymous said...

mmm...that chocolate and fruit looks so good!

Great singing Rowan!!! :)

I can't believe you guys have winter already (snow = winter) ... we don't have snow yet. It's quite chilly though. Today it's raining.

Hey, Stacey ~ HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY, today!! Hope you have a GREAT day :) I guess you have a bit of competition with Grandpa's 80th, eh? Anyway, hope your day is very special!

Aunt Brenda

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Stacey. When I think of the day you were born, I always remember that Grandma was here visiting us when we got the call that you were born. Hope you have a super day!

PS I am so glad that we have none of that white stuff!!!

aunt Monika

Susanna said...

Aw, that is so sweet. Addison loves that song too. I especially like the end when he says that he does NOT have another song to sing - nice and honest :)