Friday, November 28, 2008

What do I call it?

So I have a dream, and I'm ready to make it happen! I want to have my own baby boutique/cloth diaper shop. I'm not doing anything online yet, but maybe one day. I don't have enough space in my house to store too much! I'm planning on running it from my home. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I also need a name! I don't want anything that has my name in it, or the name of our city/area. It also can't be a name that is already taken! It's proven to be more difficult than I thought to find a name.


The kids seem to be getting a bit better. Sleeping better anyway! Bria is still up multiple times at night, but is sleeping better overall. The other morning I took a video while she had a bath. So cute :)


Laura said...

cute video. Is that Christmas music I hear in the background? :) Tomorrow we're setting up our tree so I think I might dig out the Christmas music then. :) Sorry I don't have any name ideas for you. I have the worst imagination when it comes to things like that. Good for you for starting a little boutique though! I hope it goes well for you.

Mrs. S said...

Names are truly a tricky piece of knowledge to come upon. I have yet to come up with a name of my someday-business of scrapbook design. BUT I'll keep thinking about it and hopefully, I'll think of something clever.

And that's awesome. What kind of cloth diapers do you want to sell? What other things? I'd love to hear more of your business plan.

Andrea said...

That's a great idea...the cloth diaper shop I mean!! Are you going to make your own, or sell ones from other companies, etc.? As for the name...I'll think about it!! :)

And the video of Bria is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

What about:
Baby Booty/Bootie
Lil' Bundle
Precious Bundle

Kalle said...

Business names are so hard. I think they magically appear one late night after way too much thought or no though at all. I've been slowly working on my business plan for the past few months and hte little details are way easier to plan than the name. If I have any brainstorms for your store I'll let you know.

Dianna said...

oh so soft
babies choice
naturally proven
little lambs

Jen said...

MUMBEE'S not newbee's but everything for mom and baby.
I recieved the lote tree face serum. Thank you so much. It feels great on my skin.
Also I was wondering if you make baby slings for others and if you do if you could give me your price range. I would like to order one but haven't found any with pockets. I have to use a nipple shield to nurse and i think if i could have it on me and not always leave it laying or standing around I wouldn't find it such a chore and give up after a few weeks. Try my blog again if that doesn't work, my e-mail still isn't working

Anonymous said...

That sounds great, Stacey. You could base your name on Scripture, i.e. Psalm 139 which says we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." ..."WONDERFULLY MADE"
Just a thought. I'm not a great ideas person either.


Anonymous said...

By the way, cute video of Bria. She's a sweetie.

BundlebooMaMa said...

she is sooo cute... I think a boutique would be fun... you might try 'dropshipping' at first to see what items will sell best before investing in an inventory if you will not actually have a store front.

BTW I love mumbees thats really cute :)

marissa said...

well of course etsy is easy if you are making everything yourself and it's low risk, if you go to their forums you'll see more ideas for other options too including dropshippers

Drea said...

Shes so cute. I just cant get over the fact she has on a necklace in the tub, such a lil diva :-)

Andrea said...

Good for you. I wish you the best and if you do get on-line I would be glad to promote you on my site. =)