Friday, December 19, 2008

A special message from Vitali & Elaine

Some of you know Vitali & Elaine. They moved to Canada almost one and a half years ago, from Germany. This past Wednesday they flew to Germany to spend Christmas and New Years with their families. I'm definitely going to miss them while they are gone! Elaine and I have become very good friends, and it's nice to have a friend that I can talk about everything with. Anyway, they have arrived safely in Germany, and Elaine asked me to pass this message along...

Hi there to everybody in Canada!!! We made it safe to Germany. Although the flight had been pretty tough, Jana was just great almost the whole time, but Lina had difficulties with moving around during the flight so she got very grumpy. We had a hard time with her.

After all that it was just great to see our Parents. It was funny, we just stood there looking at each other through the windows, because we couldn't get out to them before we got our luggage. We really never felt it too bad that we missed them, but when we hugged then all of the sudden all those feelings seemed to catch us. We are so happy to be able to spent that Christmas and New Year with them.

We thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray that we don't just have a great time of visiting but that we also would be able to share the Good News with every one that is willing to listen. We ourselves have had to change our mind about a lot of things which we had just been used to do or think. And now our quality of life and our understanding of God and his love for us is just so different and we would like to be able to share that with our families and friends. Please pray that there will be people willing to listen and to think about it. We know that what took us almost one and a half years to understand our family and friends won't understand in the few hours we talk about it but please pray for them that they would be willing to at first think about it. And we know that our God is an awesome God and that he knows all our prayers before we pray them and he can do wonders! Blessed be his name!!!

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Mom said...

Thanks for posting the update Stacey - helps to know how to pray :)