Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're Back... with pictures :)

This has been a great Christmas for us, spending lots of time with our families. It was great to relax at my parents house and stay the night on Christmas Eve. The kids made everything so much more fun! They were so excited about everything, and Rowan and Bria were such big 'helpers'... helping everyone else open their gifts! They love ripping paper :)

My parents decided to buy a Wii this Christmas, and also bought Wii Fit, which has already provided hours of fun and entertainment! Hopefully I'll get a chance to try it soon! My dad and brother Warren are pretty good at Tennis already I think.

My Dad as 'Santa'. Not really, but he does look good in the hat!

Aww... look at my brothers :)

Rowan loves his train set... he actually loves BOTH his train sets :) Let's just say that both sets of grandparents were thinking along the same lines this year!

Can't you tell that Selah really loves her new sled? Hehe :) She just doesn't like to share! (Selah is in the middle, if you didn't already guess)

Christmas Day we headed north to visit with Keith's family. We made a pit stop at Grandma and Grandpa Friesen's house. It was nice to have a few moments to visit with them, before the big gathering on Sunday! They gave the kids their gifts then too, so they would know who they were from. Bria loves her new little 'baby' and gives her lots of milk from the tiny bottle it came with :)
The kids love all the toys at Keith's parents house. Sooo many new and exciting ones to play with! Of course, half the fun was dumping them all over the floor!

Awww... like father like son?

Grandma and Grandpa Friesen enjoying time with family... or a good book!!

Keith had lots of fun playing the Farming Game with Michelle and Dad. Let's just say Michelle made an excellent fuit farmer :)

This is my all time favorite picture from this Christmas. Can you say HAIR TWINS! This is Keith's Aunt Vicki holding Bria. She had picked her up out of th play pen after Bria's nap, and Bria just cuddled there with her for a few minutes. It was sooo precious! Vicki was a huge encouragement to me when I was with Bria in Children's Hospital this past October. She works there, and came to visit us a few times each day. It was a great blessing to have a familiar face around :)
I know this was just a small taste of our Christmas, but there is just too much to fit into one post! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas too!


Stam House said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! We have the same sleigh that the 3 girls are on (I had it when I was a little girl almost 30 years ago!!!)

3 for Me! said...

looks like you guys have a fun family:)

And the kids do make the holidays a lot of fun:) Just wait with three... triple the wonder and excitement:)

Anonymous said...

...that would be Harvey in the corner with a good book enjoying "family time" :)

Thanks for sharing about your Christmas and all those great pics.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

what would u do 4 2 pricless angels