Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Busy Busy Morning!

This morning I had to be at the local newspaper office by 9:30 to approve my ad for the paper. Seeing as how my kids slept in til after 8:00, I was in a bit of a rush! I also had a bunch of other stops to make downtown, including grocery shopping.

My ad looks good, and I'm excited to see it in the paper! I couldn't put my logo in though, because there was too much black for a small ad. It wouldn't have been very clear. So if you live around here, make sure to check out the classifieds this Friday!

After the newspaper office, we headed over to buy groceries. Our favorite store (where my dad works) has been under construction for a few months now, so every time we go, things are moved around, as they have finished more of the renovations. It's a lot bigger now, and harder to find things, at least until we get used to it. We happened to meet Heather there, so we shopped together, which was fun for the kids! After spending WAY too much on groceries (sorry Keith :) ) we headed over to Wal-Mart since Heather wanted to check out the newest carseats. Just in case anyone is wondering, our Wal-Mart may be tiny and sucky, but it carries some of the best car seats now :)

From there, I headed to Fabricland to match up some fabric I have with lining colors. I'm sewing a few slings, one for me (for sometime in the future) and one for one of my Pay It Forward recipients. Here's what I came up with:
The two fabrics on the left are for me, and the ones on the right are for Pay It Forward. Yay! I LOVE fabric!

My next stop, after the fabric store, was to Rona. Keith cut down part of the wall in our entrance, and took out a door, to make it feel more open. We just need to paint and put in a new light fixture, and then it's going to look so much better than before! Here's what it looks like right now.

And, my last stop of the morning was a local Mexican food store. I bought some black beans (yummy!) and some Zote laundry soap. Some for me, and some for Amy. So Amy, rest assured that I will bring it to you in about 2 1/2 weeks!

I managed to do all of this before noon, and my kids were HAPPY! Of course, the free cookie at the grocery store and free popcorn at Rona sure helped :) And you know what else rocked? Bria's diaper was DRY when we were finished! I was prepared for a soggy mess, but she peed on the potty instead. WOOHOO!!!!!


Bruce and Heather said...

Your entrance looks great!

Jobina said...

It feels so good to go out and have a good day with your kids! And yay for Bria, sounds like she is well into the potty training! Love the entrance, love the fabric! Glad you had a good day!

Carole Hiebert said...

I agree - thank goodness for cookies at the grocery stores!
Did Walmart finally get the Graco Nautilus in? I've been waiting for that one, and was so excited to order it from Sears, when they put it up a few weeks ago - but won't get it until next week.
Good luck on your open house!!! I'll be checking the paper this week! (Love your logo!!!!)

Lindsey Dueck said...

I love the pink/red fabric on the left! Very cute!

Mrs. S said...

What a talent you are! And she's going pee on the potty - that's terrific. I hope to be having that same news soon...but I guess we should start first! ha

Andrea said...

I love the look of your entrance now...good work Keith! :) And YAY for Bria being dry...have you or are you starting to potty train her yet?

Dayna said...

stacey... there was such a variety of info and pics in this post, but i am stuck on one thing... i LOVE the two fabrics on the left! a perfect combo!!! seriously, i wanna go to fabricland now!!!! you have wonderful taste!

Dayna said...

ok, thanks stacey! and on second thought, buying fabric online would be a whole lot easier (and cheeper, no matter what the price!) than a trip to fb at this point! sadly, though, i don't have a sewing machine here in germany so any and all sewing dreams are on hold. i'd love to see pictures of the finished slings. those fabrics are fabulous!

Kenzie said...

Wow you are a busy mom! I love the fabric you bought!