Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some GREAT news, and a special gift

Yesterday we had another busy day, and boy did it start early for me! I was up at 6, which was far too early for me. Keith, Bria, and I headed to see Bria's specialist in Winnipeg. At 9:30 she had an ultrasound, and then at 1:00 we went back to see her doctor. And the good news: She's doing great! There is now good blood flow to her kidney (when they did surgery they said it looked gray, and there was only one main blood supply, when there should be two) and her scar has healed perfectly. We don't have to go back for another YEAR!!!! WOOHOO! That was some much needed good news. I seriously don't think I could have handled any bad news yesterday.

When we got home, we all crashed at slept for a few hours. I could hardly wake up. Today hasn't been much better. I really should be sleeping right now instead of doing this, but there is always too much to do in too little time!

Today I got a very special gift in the mail. Drea sent me some products from my all time favorite soap maker, Jessie. Her business is called The Lote Tree, and she makes the most fabulous products ever! I think Jessie included a few extras, as a gift from herself. You know, I appreciate this so, so much. It made me feel so special, and put a smile on my face today. Every time I use those products, I will be reminded of the awesome friends I have made online. You may not think you can really have a relationship online, but I really feel like I have made some great friends this way. So, thank you ladies for making my day special :)


Drea said...

awe well im glad it got to you safe and you love it :-)
Let me know how you like her cream.. I dont own any but want some.. but would love to know how you like it 1st :-)


Anonymous said...

WOW what wonderful news! I am sooo glad. Prayers are being answered. so glad the appointment went well.

That is true. The friends a person makes through blogging is so meaningful.

Anonymous said...

oops thats me shanilie aka a moms love - iv got to fix that lol

Kalle said...

What great news Stacey. Happy to hear Bria is doing so well.

amy said...

That is so great to hear about Bria! Our God is the great Healer!