Friday, February 20, 2009

Talking in twos, fun with friends

It's been a while since I've posted about the kids. Time for a little update!

Bria is turning into a little chatter box. She's being saying words for a while already, but just yesterday she started using two words together, instead of just one. She said 'toy down' which meant she was taking a toy downstairs. She also said something like 'Daddy home' when Keith came home from work. It's so fun to hear her talk! And if you don't understand what she's saying, she says it over and over again until you get it right.

Bria is also a VERY busy girl. She gets into everything, and doesn't seem to understand the word 'no'. She gets a lot of discipline, and yet she does the same things over and over. HELP!! She is very sweet though, and has the cutest smile.

Rowan has a friend over today. I'm watching Branden today because his mom had a course she had to take at work. Right now all 3 kids are sleeping, but they played really well together all morning. It's awesome when kids get to the age where they actually play together instead of just parallel. Make sense? Like they raced their cars and trucks down the hall almost all morning!

I've noticed lately that Rowan really has been making friends. He talks about them at home, and is excited to go to Sunday School each week, because that's where all of his friends are. This Sunday he is going to his very first birthday party for a friend! He's very excited to go. It's going to be a lot of fun planning his party this summer, when he turns 4. Where did my little boy go?! He's getting so big.

Rowan also learned all of the letters of his name the other day. He can now say R O W A N, and even recognizes the letters. Next step will be teaching him to write it. I confess I've been a bit slack with teaching him things like this. I know he can do it, and maybe part of me doesn't want him to be too bored in school. He'll be going next year, 2010, so he's got a ton of time to learn some of these things.

And that's about it around here! I baked some yummy, healthy cookies this morning, and I'm working on some whole wheat buns right now. I hope they turn out to be good. I tried a new recipe.



I tell ya they grow up fast!! Bria reminds me so much of Sonja at that age (even though I've never met her in person ... just the way you describe her personality) ... but she kind of looks like Sonja too (I think so) except Sonja had curls. I can't believe Rowan will be going to school next year! If you lived here, Rowan would be going to school this Fall, at the age of 4. We have Junior & Senior Kindergarten here, although both are actually optional. In our school where Melissa still attends they started having Senior Kindergarten full days every day. Maybe they incorporate a rest time, I don't know. They are BIG on literacy here and they are teaching Kindergarten age kids huge words like "inferring." It's crazy! There's so much pressure in education these days. Yet they refuse to hold kids back if they are struggling (I mean literally failing). It makes no sense. Maybe Winkler is more sensible.


Jobina said...

I just love listening to toddler talk and Bria has such a cute voice.
I noticed that here you have a friend over for Rowan and yet you're doing so much baking! Isn't it crazy that on our busiest days we can manage to be so productive?!