Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They love their aunties

Rowan and Bria are pretty spoiled when it comes to family :) They have 5 aunties and 3 uncles, who all like to give them lots of attention. Especially Keith's sisters. Because we don't get to see them often enough, the kids are always super excited to see them. Last time we spent some time with them, the kids sure enjoyed it :) And lucky us, Alyssa and Michelle are hopefully heading our way next week! Too bad Stacey couldn't come too.


Jobina said...

did you make Bria's "pillowcase dress" or did you buy it?

Anonymous said...

I think just lyssa is coming next weekend....i have to work nights:( I'm very sad about missing out again. One of these months I'm gonna come for a visit's been too long.
Love you guys!!!

Alyssa said...

Lovely pictures;) I have, bar none, the cutest niece & nephew ever! You did a good job, Stacey...& Keith!

Still need a baby-sitter for Mar. 6-8th?

Susanna said...

I didn't know Stacey was Keith's sister! I don't actually know her, but have seen her here at NBC quite a few times....I think she likes a guy from here (was here):) It's awesome to see our kids grow up loving their uncles and aunts, isn't it? I have so many myself that I never got to know any of them well at all.