Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another new friend :)

This past weekend I tried to come out of my shell a bit, and introduce myself to some of the other youth workers and retreaters. Not always the easiest thing for me, but I try. There was this gorgeous red head that I just HAD to talk to :) She reminded me so much of what Bria could be like when she's older, and I thought it would be fun to say hi.

Turns out her name is Leah, and she is originally from North Carolina! And get this, she and her husband are living in Thompson Manitoba, very far from North Carolina! They are ministering in their church as youth leaders, and Leah also helps with music both in church and in the local schools.

We chatted for a while, and she was super nice. I also found out that she is a fellow blogger! You can also here her sing here. Small world. Maybe we'll meet up again someday.

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Ellen said...

That's awesome Stacey!! Good for you, it's tuff sometimes to move out of one's comfort zone, but totally worth it :)