Monday, March 09, 2009

Meet My Neighbor

I have tons of fun stuff to post about this weekend (we were at a youth retreat in Saskatchewan) but until I can get that all organized, I thought I would introduce you to my neighbor :)

Kathy just emailed me letting me know that she was reading my blog, and had started one of her own. Kathy has always been a very friendly neighbor. In fact, I remember spending lots of time at her house when I was a little girl too. Her son is the same age as I am, and we played together a lot. (In case you're really curious now, yes, I do live on the same street that I grew up on, just in a different house!) She has a cute house that I like to admire from across the street, and a gorgeous garden in summer. Too bad the snow has too cover it for half the year.

Anyway, reading the posts that Kathy has up, I realized that we have more in common that I thought. I'm looking forward to learning more about my neighbor, and hopefully that will extend past blogging too! You can head on over to Auntie Kath's Place to read more about her.


sheila said...

Having great neighbours counts for a lot. I have great neighbours all around me, which will make it very hard to leave.

Stacey said...

Are you moving?

sheila said...

Plans have been in the works for months now!

Stacey said...

Wanna share :) You can email me if you like, and then I'll have your email. keithandstacey[at]gmail[dot]com