Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Road Trip!!

So a while ago I posted that Keith and I were saving for something, but I didn't say what. I wanted to make sure all of our family knew our plans before I shared them online :)

Keith and I are heading out on a road trip at the end of May/beginning of June! We're taking two weeks to explore the east coast of the US a bit, since neither of us has been further south than Minnesota.

On our itinerary:

Nashville, TN ~ Keith and I both thought it would be a fun place to stop.
Chattanoooga, TN
Charlotte, SC
Drea's house in NC!! Yes, I'm very excited about this :) I'll get to meet one of my first blogging friends! We will be spending a few days at their place.
Washington, DC

So, there you have it! An exciting adventure, just for the two of us. Maybe in a few years we'll take the kids on a road trip, but at this point, Rowan can hardly go an hour in the car without asking if we are almost there, and whining about how long the drive is. Not fun!

If you have been to these places, and have some good memories, feel free to share! We'd love to know what you enjoyed the most, and what to avoid.


Stam House said...

sound like so much fun!!!! and you'll meet Drea how cool is that!

Drea said...

im excited 2!! you will love TN as well, great spot.
Go to Cherokee in TN if you get time.. its not huge but its just a beautiful area.

Put on the list Bodie Island NC, thats the beach we will go to as well as NagsHead NC (both nearby each other)
and most likely we will go to Greenville NC one night for supper hehe

Just dont list our tiny town ;-)

Shanilie said...

WOW that's awesome. I hope you have soo much fun on the road trip! It will be great to meet Drea! Can't wait to hear all about it. Such a memorable family time.

I have to admit I have never been to those places. Only bordering states like maine, north Dakota,MA etc. lol

Anonymous said...

Wow! 2 weeks without kids! This was the first year that we took 2 weeks for a holiday without the kids and it was wonderful. Two weeks actually lets you unwind and enjoy the holiday. I'm just not too sure about the car trip part - we've done that a few too many times.
Have a wonderful trip!

aunt Monika

Anonymous said...

The only real road trip we ever do is to MB & SK ... let me just say, the 'novelty' of that wore off a LONG time ago (any kind of traveling for that matter). Too bad 'cause it takes some of the joy out of the real point of the trip - to see family & friends, which we love to do! We have rarely ever gone anywhere without our kids -- they have had to endure every long road trip out west since they were very little. But I have to say I am very proud of them because they have ALWAYS been great. They are truly amazing.

Aunt Brenda

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time though! :)

Jobina said...

I've never been to that area, so no suggestions from here...I hope you have a fantastic time!

Niki said...

Sounds like alot of fun! My husband and I love road trips! Good choice with the East Coast...I've never been to the east coast of anything and I've always wanted to go!

Ellen said...

That is really awesome!! we are leaving the kids with my parents for a week too, but we aren't going anywhere, just getting projects done on the house, and doing stuff around town that we don't normally get to do with the kids :) It's important to keep your marriage strong and I think it's a great way to reconnect with each other :)

Mason and Terri's Mom said...

WOW! That sounds like soooo much fun, what an adventure! You might need an extra SD card for your camera! Your garanteed to fill up one card~ (Also you might want to take a flip book of your favorite pictures of the babies so you don't have mommy and daddy withdrawals!!!)

Anonymous said...'s me again :) ... if we did a road trip that was leisure with lots of stops at interesting points (and not spending a total of 7 long days in the car/van) ... that could actually be fun. But with the trip out west it's always about just getting from point A to point B, especially due to limited time and money. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Me and Rod went to Charlotte, NC a few years ago and if you're into Nascar that's the place to go!

~Alison Wolfe~

Donna said...

How fun for you guys!!

You'll love Drea! She was the first bloggy friend I met too=)

Cheryl said...

Cool! You'll be out near where we live. DC is just a few hours south of us. If you have any desire to go north up to PA, stop in and see us!

3 for Me! said...

fun to be going alone:) but kind of sad the kids won't be along!

I grew up outside of DC, but my hubby and the kids have never been. Get a day pass for the MEtro and USE it instead of trying to drive downtown... it's a nightmare!

We hope to travel there sometime!