Tuesday, March 10, 2009

three60five 2009

This past weekend Keith and I and my brother Warren took seven of our senior youth to Nipawin, Saskatchewan. Nipawin Bible College was having their annual youth retreat called three60five. Since Keith and I met at NBC, it brings back lots of great memories, and we were totally excited to take our youth there.

Friday morning, we met at the church bright and early. After getting ourselves organized and into the vehicles, we started on the long 9 hour drive. This is what the back seat of our car looked like for most of the trip. These girls had a sleep over the night before...

We made a pit stop at Jonathan and Andrea's place along the way. Let me just say that it was awesome to see them. It had been far too long, like about a year, since we had last seen them. I almost cried while we were driving, because I was so excited to see Andrea! I got to meet little Emily for the first time too, and she's 9 months old! Their kids were absolutely adorable, and we had a great time visiting on our short pit stop.

We arrived at NBC and registered for the weekend, then went to find our rooms in the dorms. It's amazing how they cram so many youth into the dorms! I think there were around 300 youth, plus the students, living in the dorms. There are 17 rooms in both the men's and women's dorms. So 34 rooms for about 350 people... it was crazy!! My girls and I got our own room though, so only 6 of us were together. It was a tight fit, but it sure brought us closer together!!!

We had some awesome worship times, and a great speaker from Saskatoon, Terry Wiebe. Of course, you have to keep youth entertained for a whole weekend, and there were a lot of great activities planned.

Friday night was the soccer tournament. I'm proud to say that Keith scored the winning goal, bringing his team to victory :) We had a blast cheering for them, and of course, our girls were checking out the hot German soccer players that just happened to be there. Long story...

Saturday brought more learning and more fun! I think, hands down, the most fun our group had was when they brought in the inflatable race. SO MUCH FUN!! We kind of took over the place for the first while, and Keith got a few videos of us. We tried it forward and backward, and I have to say that going in the reverse order, up the slide, was WAY more fun!! Brought out the kid in me for sure, especially with the skinned elbows!

Saturday night/Sunday morning our youth had fun doing something that well, let's just say I was not known for at Bible School. A prank. I'll admit, I was TERRIFIED of getting caught, and almost didn't help our group out. Seriously, I was the well behaved student, and never got into these kind of messes. So to anyone who is wondering who did it... it was us!

Here's how it all went down. 4am we get a text from the guys that they are ready. The girls barely move. I'm getting anxious (because I'm not planning on going, but I also don't want all their plans to fail) so I ask the girls if they are going. They get up, and I decide to go with them. We swipe a few garbage bags, and head down the hall, picking up every right shoe as we go. You can probably see where this is going.

While we were picking up all the right shoes in the girls dorm, the guys were doing the same in their dorm. When we were finished, we sent a text saying it was time to meet. We ran outside in the -25 C temps and switch bags. We run back to the dorm where our look out lets us back in. Then in a mad dash, we take all the shoes out and spread them out over the entrance. Us girls were too terrified to take the time to arrange them, because there were a couple girls that were awake in the bathrooms. So we dumped the shoes and ran. The guys, on the other hand, took their time and did this:Let's just say that the next morning was HILARIOUS! Everyone was standing in the entrance wondering where their shoes were, and what to do next. Us being the sneaky girls we are, we had left some pairs, just so that no one would know that we did it. We didn't want to be the only ones with both shoes! So, we acted surprised, and grateful for our shoes, and went to breakfast. It was so nice to not have to wait in a long line ;)

After lunch, we packed up and started our journey home. It was long, tiring, and scary. There was a lot of blowing snow, and for about 2 hours, we could hardly see anything. We almost hit a deer that ran straight in front of our car. That was so scary!

Anyway, I think it was great to be able to spend some time with the senior youth. I got to know the girls much better, and I got to share a bit of my life with them. What more could a youth worker ask for!


Mom said...

Hmmm...the old shoe-switch-er-oo trick! Sounds like fun. I'd have been with you Stacey...scared of getting caught. Then again, I'd be laughing so hard I wouldn't stand a chance! Gotta know tho - did anyone find out who did it? I mean, Keith was there...surely they remembered him!!
Glad you had fun...and glad I didn't know about the stormy weather til now!

Ellen said...

that's so fun!! I think it's really neat that you guys could take some youth out there!! It was probably interesting being on the 'other side' of things :) That's awesome that you got to finally pull a prank at nbi :) kinda exhilerating, lol.. I'm glad you guys got home safe :)

Bruce and Heather said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!


sounds/looks like you had a great time...glad you made it back safely...you guys are still youth in our eyes...but, it's always wierd when you get older and this youthful side re-appears, like a person doesn't quite know what to do with it...I think we become too serious as we get older...I'm sure working with youth helps to keep that youthfulness alive.


Niki said...

What made you guys decide on NBI for school??? That's awesome! I grew up about 2 hours from Nipawin! Hudson Bay! I used to go to Probe back in high school. (Good name change, Probe to three60give). Anyway, that's awesome! I remember shoe pranks from when I went there, only the pranksters weren't cunning enough to include their own shoes...

Bundleboo MaMa said...

that sounds like you guys had a blast. That shoe picture is halarious. Im glad you got to see your friend, sounds like you really missed her.

Stacey said...

Only one girl found out... Crystal who was a student at the same time Keith and I were at NBC. She only found out because Keith told her :)

Yeah, pranks are fun, EH?????

No way! I think there were actually a few students that were from Hudson Bay. I went because I had heard about the school and prayed really hard about where to go. My original plan was Briercrest... go figure.

Andrea said...

haha...love how the guys NEATLY arranged all those shoes. :) And yeah it was soooooo good to see you too. And seeing makes me miss you EVEN more! Now I am seriously counting the days until we come out for a visit...and I am coming over to your house EVERY day! haha. :)