Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's finally getting warm!

Ahhh... finally a day worth calling 'Spring'. 16 degrees! Wonderful.

Anyway, you can find me over here today, sharing a very cool item that we recently got to review for Glimpse. I think that if you have children, this could very well be hit with them! Go on and check it out.

Another very cool thing that I discovered recently is ELF cosmetics. Have you heard of them? I usually don't promote anything that isn't 'natural' or whatever, but sometimes you just gotta go for inexpensive too! I just got my order in the mail from ELF, and I'm very impressed so far! And just so you know what I'm talking about... almost EVERYTHING is only $1! And that's the regular price! So, make sure to check it out. This is my new favorite makeup item. So easy to use, and gives me a nice glow. Make sure you share this with your friends too!

In other not so happy news. I think I am going to have a VERY tough time potty training Bria. I worked hard at it all day yesterday, and here's the score. Potty: 0 Clothing/Floor/Chair: 3 So there you have it. A totally frustrating, hair pulling kind of day. She just refuses to sit on the potty, and it's not like she's not used to it. She has been peeing on the potty since before she could even sit on her own. I have no idea what to do, so for now I will just wait. Advice please! Pretty pretty please!


Andrea said...

Yikes...wish I had some advice for you, but instead, I could use some potty training advice with Tate too...I canNOT get him to go poo on the potty...ever. Sigh. Oh well...it'll all work out in the end I'm sure. :)

3 for Me! said...

I am totally NOT the one who should be offering potty training advice since I STINK at potty training... my 3 yr old is still NOT making #2 in the potty.

But I woud try to find ways that motivate Bria and NOT to make it a power struggle. For my youngest it was gum and stickers... my older two couldn't be bribed with ANYTHING!! "try" to potty when switching activities during the day and PRAISE when you can:)

Ellen said...

I know, K seems to be a little more difficult than TJ was too.. she has no patience sitting there.. she likes to go when she wants to go, but when I started putting her on the potty regularly, (like morning, 10, before nap, after nap, etc) she wouldn't sit still, and there seems to be no bargaining with her either.. I may wait a while longer and then try again.. sorry I'm not much help either..

Shanilie said...

WHAT 16 degrees. We still have been hovering around zero. NICE!

I don't have a lot of potty training advice for girls. All I know is Jacob had a breakthrough during the warm summer months outside and liked "standing up" when he went lol.

Jacob never used the beautiful brand new blue potty we bought him but loved the toilet ring and the step up to the toilet.

Lena said...

Yes! the weather was amazing today- LOVED it! it is definitely about time. No Advice on the potty training- I just say wait till they are ready and just encourage them. My son is still not trained either and he is three- I have learned it's better if they want it.

Jamy said...

Caden fought it a little too. But I persisted. Which meant sometimes he'd be on the potty for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. (I'd sit with him) This only happened maybe 3 times. Try using a potty ring for the toilet. She may not be able to get off of it. And yeah, try the bribes. Caden gets a smartie when he goes. Stay strong.

Mom E said...

I feel your pain with potty training my 2 year old refuses to sit on the potty to go..and then tells me he went after the fact. Of course he loooves wearing the pull ups and pitches a fit when I try putting on the "regular diapers" not a good thing when he hasn't gone #2 :(. I have faith he will walk down the aisle potty trained,(I hope)haha. Good luck!!! Your kids are beautiful!