Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Playing and skirts.... play skirts?

This morning we walked over to the church to join some friends for our twice weekly morning exercise. We usually do this DVD. Anyway, when the kids and I got there, there was no one else there! So we sat around and waited for a while. When no one showed, we decided to head on over to another church for Stay & Play. They meet at this church every Tuesday morning, so it's nice to have a place for the kids to interact with other kids. And it's nice to be able to just sit there and watch them, instead of dropping them off somewhere and hearing them cry.

When we came home, we walked past the mail box and picked up one lonely package that was waiting for us. It turned out to be some great fabric that I got from here. I will be writing a review this week, and sharing it over on Glimpse (with a giveaway!). Anyway, my sewing machine was pulled out right after Bria was in bed, and I whipped up this ridiculously easy little play skirt for Bria! I used some older fabric that I had lying around, just to see how it would work out first. Since I didn't have any ribbon for the hem, I just did a really easy hem and called it finished. Maybe once I have time to go to the fabric store, I'll find some cute ribbon for the other skirts.Once Bria is awake, I'll try it on her and see if I need to make any changes. Then I'll be diving into the new fabric! I also plan to make her a couple little dresses I think. Skirts and dresses are just so much easier than pants and shorts. Especially with potty training.

Anyway, I'm off to get a few more things crossed off of my to-do list for today! Have a great afternoon :)


Jobina said...

I LOVE the fabric! I may just have to make some skirts for school for Trinity. That Etsy seller sure has some beautiful fabric. Have you bought fabric from any other sellers?

3 for Me! said...

cute skirts... I wish I would have enjoyed sewing and learned from my mom... I'm a better cook, where I can loosely follow directions and still end up with something edible:)

Funny that you've used some Lesile Sansome DVDs... I have those as well. I actually burn MORE calories and fell more energised after that DVD than just walking outside!! I need to dust them off;)

Hoe fun to have these activities!!

Michelle said...

WOW! How awesome. Can't wait till I learn to sew.

Susanna said...

I love the play skirts - what AWESOME material! Makes me wish for a girl :)