Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something like Spring

So, it's finally finally getting more hopeful around here, weather wise. And maybe that's why I have been neglecting my little corner of the online world. Or maybe I've just been preoccupied. Did you know that it's just 8 days until Keith and I leave for our vacation? WOOHOO! Fun and scary all at the same time.

Funny little story about Bria. She's just super busy. Like don't turn your back for too long kinda busy. Yesterday I was grocery shopping with the kids, and as I was finished unloading my cart onto the counter to pay, I glance down (we have those fun little car/carts at our store) and see Bria ready to chomp down on a chocolate bar! One that I hadn't put in my cart. So, I found the wrapper, put the bar back in the foil, and payed for the silly thing. And then I ate it. It was yummy. Seriously. American's just don't know what they're missing in a Caramilk bar. Yummo. I haven't had a chocolate bar in ages.

Rowan has had some strange virus or something for the past few days. He didn't seem sick, other than a slight fever the other day. He was just super tired, cranky, and didn't want to eat. Like he was depressed or something. Then yesterday, he didn't want to eat his supper again, so I told him he needed to go lay down in his room until he was hungry. He went to his room and fell asleep. At 6pm. And we woke him to go to the bathroom around 10:30. He fell right back asleep and slept through til the morning! He's much much happier today, and I'm so glad. I was starting to really worry. He's normally a happy guy. It just wasn't like him at all!

And in other news. I got to experience baby wearing today, after a long time. Bria is just too squirmy and busy to want to be carried anymore, so I took advantage of the moment when Heather left her kids with me today. I put Keziah in the sling, and she promptly fell asleep. It was so sweet! I wanted to keep her, but of course, Heather said I had to give her back :( If I would've had my camera with me, I would have taken a picture. Sorry! So bring me your newborns!

Anyone wanna garden or mow the lawn for a couple weeks? If you really feel the itch to get your hands dirty, I'm sure there will be a garden full of weeds just waiting for you here! Haha. Come on over.


Mrs. S said...

So it's been awhile (I'm sorry), but I LOVE your blog. The new pictures of you and the kids are great! They are getting so big!

I'm excited for this weekend because I'm going to try out the mai tai from you and a sling I got on a friends' newborn (Moose was just too big when I got the mt from you haha...and he hasn't gotten any smaller). I'm so excited...but then I wonder if I'll be able to do it with a belly? hmmm

Anyway, you look terrific, I hope you have fun on your vacation! And have a candy bar every few weeks; I think it's good for the soul.

Mrs. S said...

Do not worry, I wouldn't buy a carseat (booster seat, etc) on a garage sale. That's so dangerous! I am in total agreement with you! You don't know the history or anything, and they might be old. :) Thanks though! I'm glad someone agrees with me.

Shanilie said...

Glad Rowan is feeling better. Sometimes sleep is definitely the best medicine.

I feel like we need to mow the lawn every other day the grass has been growing so fast! Wish it wasn't so difficult to bend over and garden. lol