Saturday, May 09, 2009

Switching it up

We've always had toys in our living room. It just seemed like the place to keep them. We also had a nice bookshelf in Rowan's room, since all the books on it are his. Today we decided to switch it up a bit, and here's what Rowan's room looks like now. The book shelf is now in the living room, and it looks great!

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Drea said...

looks great 2 me, his beds cute :) us hould make him a little hide out UNDER it.. that be fun. we have very few toys in our living room. I have a shelf unit with LIBRARY books only.. a few dominos and blocks.. , their work table that has their TAG and LEAPSTER by leapfrog... and thats it.

Even with the toys in their room tho they manage to drag a lot out during the day and put it back in the living room.. but atleast most evenings end with them putting the toys back :)