Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation Post #2 ~ A little more Nashville & Chattanooga

Before I continue, I have an exciting story to tell you. It starts off really bad, but don't worry, it has a happy ending!

Right before we left on our trip, we bought an extra memory card for our camera (you can see where this is going....) because we only had a 1 GB card, and we knew that wouldn't be enough. So, we took like 350 pictures, plus videos with our new card. Yesterday I was trying to upload them onto the computer, and nothing worked. I was SCARED!

I called my big bro who happens to manage a local computer shop. He says to bring it by and they'll take a look at it. Keith brought it there after work, and we were horrified to learn that the card was bad! As in, the pictures were most likely stuck on it forever. We could only view them on the camera, or hooked up to the TV. I seriously felt sick! Like we didn't buy trinkets and souveniers because we have pictures and don't like to crowd our house with 'stuff'. The pictures were our only keepsakes! AAHHHHH!!!!!

Just now though, I got a call from a friend of ours who also works at the shop, and he said they were able to save all the pictures!!!! So we will now have them all on a DVD. I'm soooo relieved, and incredibly grateful to the guys at Something Digital (yes, that's the name of the shop) for fixing our seemingly hopeless picture situation.

Whew. So now on with the post!

I thought I'd share a few more pictures from Nashville. I didn't post the outside of our hotel yesterday, not to mention the cool staircase and a couple others. So here's some more for you, from Nashville!
~The outside of our hotel at night~

~View from the balcony down to the lobby~

~The view from the main floor up the staircase to the 7th floor~

~A very cool room in the hotel which I believe was used for wedding receptions and the like~

After Nashville, we drove a little further south to Chattanooga. Well, sort of. We spent time in Chattanooga, which is in TN. We stayed in Georgia though, at an awesome B&B called General Woods Inn. It is run by a General in the US Army and his wife. Of course, she does it all, since he's never around, but there is no mistaking his presence in the house!
~This is part of the front of the house. I'll have a better picture tomorrow hopefully~

~The view of the driveway and front yard~

~Our bedroom~

The house is built in the Antebellum style and apparently is the copy of a house in Charleston, SC. Decorating pretty much every wall, table and shelf are medals, photos, letters from the US Government, etc. General Woods is a pretty important guy, from what we heard and saw. There were two different Time magazine cover shots of General Woods too. It was very impressive!

~Who wouldn't want birthday greetings from Napoleon~

~One of the Time magazine cover shots of General Woods~

Not only was the house gorgeous, but the yard was beautiful too. We drove up the long, steep, winding driveway to the house, and peeked aroung the back to find a pool. Since we were the only guests for those few days, we got the pool to ourselves. Nadine Woods was also an excellent hostess. She gave us great advice on what to see and do in the area. We were not disappointed!

Tune in tomorrow to hear about that :) By then I should have the DVD with the rest of our pictures!


Bruce ~ Heather ~ Selah ~ Keziah said...

AWESOME! I'm so glad you will have your pictures after all!

Larissa Joy said...

Everything looks breathtaking!

Mom said...

Glad to hear about the pictures too! Yay for the guys at SD!!

Niki said...

More awesome pictures. And I agree...Something Digital is amazing!

Jamy said...

thats so good they got the pics off.
Looks like you stayed in some pretty nice hotel rooms. Love the bed in this pic and the one in the previous post.

Micki said...

I'm so glad for you that you two got to spend some time together. Your vacation looks absolutely stunning! I'm relieved for you that they were able to restore your pictures. That would make me sick to my stomach too!

I also wanted to say thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. It's always nice to find a kindred spirit and someone that can be happy for others!