Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacation Post #3 ~ Chattanooga!

Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to this. I had to step back after the last post and take a break due to some of the comments.

Maybe I should explain myself a little bit. There seemed to be a bit of confusion on my state of Motherhood. There was a comment about a 'bump' later on referred to as a 'baby bump'. These comments really took me off guard, as I don't see any baby bump in those pictures, and in fact, I miscarried way back in January. On our trip I was already being reminded of how big and round I should be looking right now, especially considering I would have been due in a month. The comments just made it sting a little bit more.

I want you to know that I was not offended in any way, just had to take a step back and deal with the emotions. I know that no one meant any harm, and I'm ready to blog again :) So, here goes.

Chattanooga is definitely a tourist area. There are tons of things to do, and it was really a gorgeous place, in the mountains. We asked our host, Nadine, what she would recommend doing during our stay. We figured the locals would probably have a better idea of what was worth it, and what wasn't. The things that she mentioned were Rock City, Hang Glider's Bluff, Sequoyah Caverns, and a cool ice cream place close to the walking bridge in downtown Chattanooga. We did it all :)

~Hang Glider's Bluff~
I don't think this place is actually named, but that's what Nadine and her assistant called it. The drive up the mountain was amazing, though I must say that my motion sickness kicked in a bit with all the curvy roads! I hadn't experienced that feeling in a long time.

When we arrived, we just sat down on the rocks and waited for something to happen. It was a clear, hot day. Perfect for gliding through the sky, right? Haha. Keith and I weren't actually brave enough to try it ourselves, but we did watch 3 guys run off the edge of the cliff. Crazy stuff!
There was also another way to get up in the air, maybe a little easier than running off a cliff. You could start down in the valley in a field, and a small airplane would pull you into the air and then release you. That was pretty cool too! We heard a few screams as the hang glider passed by us :)

~Rock City~

Wow, this place was gorgeous too! We didn't have much of an idea of what it would be like until we were in the midst of it. It ended up being a wonderful little hike through beautifully manicured rock formations. There were gardens along the way, awesome views, and a cute little Mother Goose village inside a cave.

~Ice Cream and Walking Bridge~

After Rock City we drove back into downtown Chattanooga. We parked our car and took the bus down to the Aquarium. We didn't actually go into the Aquarium, which was a bit disappointing, but we went for a bit of a walk instead. Let me remind you that it was clear, sunny, and incredibly hot! We walked to this bridge that Nadine had told us about. It was condemned as a driving bridge, but is still used for pedestrians. It was a lot longer than we thought at first :) And the ice cream place ended up being on the side that we started on, so we had to walk all the way back over the bridge before we got any relief from the heat!

The ice cream place was called the Ice Cream Show. And it was totally unique to us! Maybe you've been somewhere similar before. Basically you pick your type of ice cream, vanilla or chocolate. Then you decide what kind of mix-ins you want. I think I had raspberries, peanut butter, and brownies. Something like that anyway. Then the guy throws it all in a mixer, blends it all up, and serves it in a cone! Just like soft serve, but your own creation. I think they had around 40 different mix-ins to choose from. Yummy! It was the perfect place to stop on such a hot day. If you're ever in Chattanooga, make sure to check it out!

~Pool Break~

Yup, right after the ice cream, we headed back to the pool at our B&B. That was probably the smartest thing we did all day :) It sure felt good.Yes, I am wearing a bathing suit top :) It's just hidden by the pole!

~Sequoyah Caverns~

Nadine told us that instead of heading to the ever popular Ruby Falls, we would have a much better view of a cave if we went to Sequoyah. So we took her at her word and spent our morning (the next day) at Sequoyah.

Now, first of all, the place looked a bit run down from the outside. The pond was a murky mess, and there weren't a ton of people around. But we were reminded that this is a small family run business, and not some huge thing.

We ended up getting our own private tour! That was awesome. We could ask questions, take our time, and most importantly, hear our guide. She was definitely hard to understand at times, with a real thick hillbilly type southern accent. I loved it! Talk about back woods. She was awesome though. You could see her knowledge and love of the cave just oozing out of her. She had so many cool stories to tell of things she had discovered in the caverns, and we probably could have listened for a lot longer. We were in there for over an hour!

It's really hard to get good cave pictures, due to the lighting, but these are what we got.


Ellen said...

I'm so sorry that you had to deal with the negative affects of assumptions, thank you for clearing things up as hard as it probably was! I LOVE your pics.. it looks like you had such a fabulous vacation!! so intimate and personal, I would love to explore that area like you got to!! but we'd have to fly :) you should totally scrapbook your special vacation!! *hugs*

S Club Mama said...

Those caverns are SWEET! I'm so glad you got this vacation (and thanks for posting about it so I can live vicariously through you lol).

Anonymous said...

By any chance was this a little getaway for your upcoming anniversary??'s so good to get away without the kids once in awhile -- it's much needed and to have that time to spend together just as a couple is really important. It's great that you could do this. Looks like you had a wonderful time =)

Aunt Brenda

Monika Thiessen said...

Around here we have what's called the Marble Slab. You order your ice cream and then your additions and then they take a rolling pin and roll it together (on a marble slab), blending all the yummy ingredients. It's delicious but it's expensive!

Laura said...

just so you know...I bump was certainly not what came to mind when I saw those pictures! :) I think you look pretty great if you ask me. :)

Once when I was pregnant with Mya, I was out shopping with my sister, who is very skinny and has no belly at all....and we were in a store and the lady said "Oh, how're sisters and you're both pregnant". I was shocked. I have no clue WHAT she was looking at but my sister was clearly NOT pregnant.

Your pics are great! Looks like you guys had an awesome time.

ps. the thought just popped into my head that I wonder if that person never read the update about you losing the baby?

S Club Mama said...

Did you put a new profile picture up? It's beautiful!