Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacation Post #4 ~ Charleston

From Chattanooga, we drove to Charleston, SC. This was one place that Keith and I were both very excited about, for different reasons :) Keith wanted to see Patriot's Point, which was basically a war ship museum. I wanted to see the historical downtown and visit a plantation in the area. Thankfully, we were able to do it all!

We arrived at our hotel to find that they had upgraded us to a jacuzzi suite! That was pretty nice. We had tons of room to relax, and even two TVs... haha :) Actually that was kind of nice because it was pretty stormy while we were there. Lot's of thunder storm activity! We really were lucky that we even go to see everything.The first thing we did in Charleston was take a Carriage Tour. Now that was cool! The driver told us a lot of the history of the area, pointing out everything as we went along. When we had about 5 minutes left, it started pouring rain! The flimsy roof on the carriage didn't quite keep us all dry, so we walked around a bit soggier afterward.

This little building was called the Gun Powder Magazine I think. It's where they stored all the gun powder during the war.

We decided to find a place to eat right after our Carriage Tour, and stumbled upon this awesome little Italian pizza place! It was definitely authentic, and the pieces were HUGE! Yum!

From there we wandered through Market Street a bit, but didn't end up buying anything for ourselves, and I didn't take any pictures there! It was really neat, kind of like a craft market I guess.

Of course, the rain just kept on coming. We headed back to the hotel for a rest, and to wait out the rain a bit. Keith checked out the radar weather and found a small window of sunshine. That's when we went to Patriot's Point. I have to say, I was definitely impressed, even though I have no interest in that kind of stuff. Keith loved it, of course :)

First view of the aircraft carrier

Inside the aircraft carrier. I can't imagine sleeping on those cots!

Cookies anyone?

Ah yes, supper time :) We decided to try a seafood type place for supper. It's called Gilligan's, and was really good! They had these buckets set into the middle of the table to throw your trash in. Weird. We had a yummy drink in a coconut too.

The next morning we were heading out of town again, but stopped at Boone Hall Plantation on our way. We spent a beautiful morning there. I really enjoyed that place. It was amazing to hear the history of just this one plantation. Did you know that Boone Hall grew ingido? Yeah, and did you know that the way they made it into dye involved the slaves urinating on the indigo? Mmmhmmm. Very interesting indeed.
Definitely click on this picture! There was a huge list of all the slave ships that came over from Africa. It lists how many people started out on the ship, and how many were still alive when they landed. Amazing, and so so sad.

Keith and I both agree that Charleston is a place that we would go back to see again. There was so much more we could have done and seen! Maybe one day :)


Carole Hiebert said...

What a fantastic holiday!! Thanks for sharing!! Just love the architecture! Always makes a holiday more meaningful when you can learn something along the way. Looks like you found some very cool restaurants too!

Nathanael and Katie said...

If you get a change to read "The Book of Negroes" it mentions many of the things you were talking about... the voyage across the ocean, making indego, etc. I think you'd really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Wow...very interesting!


3 for Me! said...

Charleston is beautiful and there is a variety of things to do. I love the historical downtown area and the Battery. And I have yet to take a carriage ride... but thta is also something we would also enjoy... thanks for sharing:)

Dianna said...

That's a Pina Colada drink!!! My favorite!! LOOKS AWESOME!!!