Friday, July 03, 2009

Oh cute little birdie...

...why do you want to get in my house?

This adorable little yellow bird keeps tapping on our windows! It's been at it all day, and I have no idea what's up. I *think* it's just a wild bird, but who knows.... maybe it's really someone's pet!


Jane said...

Cute bird!

I replied to your question about amish friendship bread starter in the comments, but I didn't know if you would see it, so here it is:

Well, I'm not too sure. I did a google search on "amish friendship bread starter recipe" & I found 2 basic recipes. One just said to put 1 cup each of milk, flour, & sugar in a big ziplock bag & this is the starter & consider it day
1. I just wasn't sure if this would do it or not. I haven't tried this. I also found one that called for yeast, but I thought this wasn't supposed to have yeast in it. I also found a link or two with some really complicated directions. So, all those words to say that I'm not really sure. I had a starter in my deep freezer that had been there for 3 years. I was probably crazy to try it to see if it was still good, but I did. I thawed it & smelled it. It smelled exactly like how I remembered it smelled.
I would probably try the 1 cup each of milk, flour, & sugar one.

Hope that helps!

S Club Mama said...

huh, that's so fun...I love to watch birds. We have a bluejay that frequents our windows.

I didn't realize you had July babies, too! How fun!! I don't know how I'll feel after 2 parties next year but I'm excited my kids will be close, too. AND my husband is a July baby, too (24th). I guess I'm the odd ball with the March bday.