Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacation Post #5 ~ Myrtle Beach and North Carolina

OK, it's been AGES since I last posted about our trip, but these posts take super long to do, and I've been busy with other things lately! But, I don't want to just drop the ball and forget about the rest of our trip, so I'm going to force myself to sit here and post our final days.

You may or may not remember that the last place I wrote about was Charleston, SC. From there, we went to Myrtle Beach, SC. Unfortunately, the weather was not really nice at all, kind of stormy really. So the beach wasn't nearly as exciting as we had hoped.

Our hotel was easy to find, right along the beach. It consisted of two buildings. Unfortunately, we got stuck in the older one. But it still ended up being a really nice suite. I would love to take our kids there someday. It was a great room for a family, with a nice little kitchen.
Keith had asked to be on the highest floor possible... guess where we ended up. The second floor! Yeah, not exactly sky scraper views! Oh well, we still liked it. Just a slight dissapointment. This was the view from our balcony.
And here I am, enjoying a little TV time :)

Since the weather was not cooperating, we ordered in pizza, and then went to Rippley's Aquarium. That was a lot of fun! Also something I know the kids would have loved. I had never been to an aquarium before, so it was neat to see all the tropical fish, the sharks, the saw fish, the eels, the rays.... you get the idea!
The next morning we tried out the beach even though it was cool and stormy looking again. I was a little scared of the waves at first, but Keith went right in. After collecting some shells for the kids, we quickly packed up and starting driving again.
Our next destination... Travis & Drea's house! This was probably the highlight for me, though I'm sure Keith was dreading spending time with people he didn't know at all. We arrived in town a bit earlier than we thought, but I drove past their house anyway, just to know where it was. Drea was standing out on the driveway, chatting on the phone. That was just way to weird, seeing her standing there, knowing that we sort of knew each other, but had never met face to face! So we turned around and drove back to their house, figuring we could leave again if we were too early.
Of course, Drea was super sweet, and invited us right in. It's strange to just meet someone and feel like you're already great friends. I was totally comfortable just chatting with them in their living room, which I had only seen in pictures. I think Keith was slowly warming up to the idea of staying there too.

That evening we tried going to a place called Deadwood for supper, but the wait was too long, so we decided to get some fast food instead. And all of you who know Drea, know that she came with her camera!!! That camera was everywhere :) She never missed a beat, and when her batteries died, she used our camera for a couple shots of us on the bridge.
Saturday Keith and I went to the beach. We figured that since it was finally hot and sunny again, we needed to take advantage of the sun! The drive was gorgeous, if not a bit interesting. There was a sign along the road that said 'Caution: Inmates working'. And there they were, hacking down the bush in the ditch, with a woman standing guard with a massive gun. Something you just don't see here in Manitoba!

It was absolutely awesome at the beach! The sand was great, the water was great, and Keith and I both burned to a crisp. And we both were slathered full of sun screen... oh well, it was our one and only chance!
When we got back to town, we began our supper preparations. Keith and I had wanted to make something special for Drea and her family, since they were so kind to let us stay with them for a few nights. We made some yummy homemade pizza (and yes, I even made the crust) and salad. I think they liked it, which was a relief! It would suck to make something that no one liked :)

Sunday, we did something we don't normally do.... we went to two church services! Our church only has a morning service, but Travis is the Senior Pastor at their church, and was only preaching in the evening, so we decided to go to both services. The morning service was lead by their new youth pastor. In fact, they voted him in while we were there! Oh yeah... Drea and I sang a duet during both services as well. Now that was fun. We didn't have a ton of time to practice, but I think we sounded great together! She has the video of us singing, so you can try searching her blog for it. I know she posted it back in June sometime.

Another highlight of my Sunday was meeting Kelly. Kelly & Drea and their families are good friends, and they were invited over for lunch on Sunday. I've been reading Kelly's blog for a while now, so I was excited to meet her and her crew. She's got three adorable kids who had a blast playing in the pool. Sorry Kelly, this was the best picture I had of all 3 of us! Maybe you got a better one?

After the evening service, we all hoped into Travis & Drea's van and went to Deadwood for supper. That place was so cool! It's like a little western town. Caleb and Taite loved it there too. There's a playground and a little train that you can ride on, an arcade, and other stuff I'm sure. It was there that Caleb and I got some pictures together. He was sooo sweet, calling me Miss Stayshee the whole time. He said I was his favorite, and he would be so sad if anything happened to me :) He even said that if he could have two mommies, then he would want me to be the other one. AWE!!! What a sweetheart. Taite wasn't nearly as impressed with me...
Monday morning, as Keith and I were heading out of town, Drea did a quick photo shoot with us. She's amazing! Which reminds me... we still need to buy some prints from her. Gotta get on that!

We had such a great time with Travis, Drea, Caleb, and Taite. I'm so happy that we were able to stay there and meet in person! Definitely something I hope to do again in the future.

OK, you'll get one more post out of me. And then I promise the vacation posts are done!


Jobina said...

That photoshoot is fantastic!

Mom said...

Oh, was waiting to see more of these...and I agree...beautiful photos Drea! How will you choose, Stacey?

Ellen said...

I LOVE that picture of you in the ocean!! Beautiful!! and your couple pics that Drea did were inspirational!! I almost didn't recognize you Stacey :) I just had to comment about the whole disappointment with not getting on a higher floor at that hotel - since I've worked at a hotel, sometimes if you've booked a certain type of room, those rooms are only on certain floors - so maybe you were on the highest floor that you could be on with the room type that was booked :) if that makes sense :)

3 for Me! said...

I'm soo glad you've continued doing these posts about your vacation!!!! And sharing the photos!! I LOVE the lighthouse pic:) Yes, we have not been there... yes i know we are really close;)

It was fun to meet you and Keith IRL... although I was quite distracted by my ALWAYS busy children:)

Next time you guys head over in our direction you'll have to bring your kiddies:)

And I was soo glad you guys worked out sme time to get a photoshoot in:) I think Andrea is awesome:)

themilans said...

Hi, I meet you in Nipawin back in the March, I think! Well being from the south, NC and living up here in northern Manitoba, it was kind of neat for me to see it through your eyes! Awesome pics! I think I will start following your blog...

have a great one!

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