Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation Post #6 ~ Washington DC to home

Well, this is my last post about our trip! Yay! It's been fun you know, remembering all the miles we walked, fun things we did, the people we met, the miles we walked. Did I mention the miles we walked? Um... yeah. That's what this post is about!

We had one full day to enjoy Washington, DC, so we bought our Metro passes and went straight to the Capitol Building. Of course, we weren't smart enough to realize that they wouldn't let us in with our water bottles. Oh, our beloved SIGG bottles. We had to put them in the trash can and walk away. I almost cried. I love my SIGG! I thought this was the cruelest thing ever.

This was our first view of the Capitol Building, from the back.

This looks like a sculpture, but it's really a painting. Way up close to the top of the building!

Here's the front of the building

Anyway, I got over it, and we joined a tour of the building. It was really neat to see some of the history of the US, though as a Canadian, some of it was a little over the top with all the patriotic stuff. Whatever, we took what we wanted from the whole experience. Oh, and we were able to retrieve our water bottles from the trash :) What a relief

Of course, Keith is a huge history kind of guy, and also loves museums, so we decided (reluctantly on my part) to trudge down the whole row of Smithsonian Museums. Wow. Did I mention that it was SMOKIN' hot outside? Oh it was awful.

We stopped at the Space and Flight Museum (I think that's what it is called). Keith knew what every thing was, and had a great time looking around. I just loved the fact that there was air conditioning :) He did educate me on some of the stuff, but I'm not too sure I could remember any of it right now. Oh, except for the cool aircraft thingy that flies over the border... that one I remember!

Here's some perspective for you, my freaky hand!

This is the aircraft that flies over the US/Canada border. It's robotic, not manned.

So, from there, we continued our journey down the path. We popped in at the museum that is in 'Night at the Museum'. Is is the Museum of Natural History? Anyway, we thought it was cool, but didn't feel like walking around too much longer, so we kept it to the main floor. Oh, does anyone remember a fatal shooting at the Holocost Memorial Museum? Yeah, that was the day we were out and about. We never made it that far, but we experienced some very tight security wherever we went for the rest of the afternoon.

You may recognize this scene from the movie Night at the Museum. Big 'ol pile of loot!

We did stop at the White House. But you know how far away the gate is from the house? Um, really far. We had to zoom in really far to get a decent picture. And here I am in front of the gate, in all my sweaty glory. Yuck.

This is zoomed in... a lot!

One of our favorite places that we ate the whole time we were gone was in Washington, just a couple blocks from our hotel. Anyone ever heard of the Epicurean and Co? Awesome. Like a yummy, beautiful buffet, but you pay per pound instead of one flat rate. Makes you more conscious of what you actually put on your plate, and going back for seconds isn't quite so tempting. Great for portion control! And the food was amazing. Tons of fresh fruit and salad stuff. There was also sushi, but I stay away from that stuff. It scares me. But we sat next to a table full of sushi eaters. They were interesting too. Wish I had some pictures.

Our last morning in Washington, we ate some breakfast at Epicurean and Co and then went to tour the Washington Cathedral. That was probably one of my favorite stops on our trip. Unfortunately, we had spent too much time WALKING the day before, and we missed hearing the choir sing at evening Mass. I think I cried. I love choirs. I love listening to choirs. I love singing in choirs. And it's been a long time. Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on the negative. We loved seeing all the different chapels, seeing the modern stained glass, and experiencing a totally different style of church than we are used to.

This is just one angle. The church is massive.

It's so hard to get good pictures inside!

I could bore you with our super duper long drive home, but I will just say this. I don't like Chicago. I don't like driving at a crawl pace through Chicago for HOURS! Not fun at all. And it was ugly and dirty. Next time we will find a different route home. We did get some lovely pictures of the Sears Tower. We had about an hour where we were close enough to see it :)

And since the cat is sort of out of the bag, I guess I won't have a chance to tell all of my family in person :) (It's OK, anonymous, but maybe next time you could leave your name so I know who you are.) We ended up bringing a very tiny souvenir home with us... due to arrive February 26th, 2010!


Ellen said...

first of all.. Congrats!! :) When I was looking at all of the pics that Drea took of you and I noticed how Keith's hand was almost always on your tummy (almost protective - my husband did that too whenever I was pregnant) I was wondering but then I was like, no she said they weren't.. haha.. what a great souvinear!! Looks like you guys had a awesome trip!! Love all your pictures.. you should try to do a special album with them!!

Stacey said...

We honestly had no clue at that point, and would have had no way of knowing. That's just how Drea got us to pose :) I'm barely 9 1/2 weeks along right now.

Anonymous said...

I guess you have only told a few family members at this point. Hhmm, I wonder who the anonymous person is?

Niki said...


Drea said...

YAYYY u announced it! love DC! my aunt lives right by DC ;-)

Drea said...

Oh and I guess my secret "I know when ppl are pregnant" power knew you were without knowing lol and thats why i posed u like that HAHA. SO COOL THO!

Ellen said...

lol, you must have known Drea :) just had the 'mom' sense.. it's funny how things can work out like that :) Hope things go really well for you Stacey!!

Lindsey Dueck said...

baha! I knew it! Don't ask me how I figured it out, I just did! :)
Congrats! Can't wait to see how unbelievably cute #3 will be!!

Jobina said...

yay! Congratulations!!!

3 for Me! said...

Soo glad you were able to finish these posts... my family needs to visit DC sooo bad. I grew up near DC and was able to visit many time throughtout my child/adulthood:)

And COngrats on the pregnancy!! So sweet! I know your hearts are overjoyed:)

S Club Mama said...

so sorry you weren't/aren't getting to tell family in person. :( But congratulations!! ;)

And I love DC (to visit; I'd hate to live there). I think the whole place is beautiful. Big A, on the other hand, thinks there's too much cement. He gets claustrophobic without grass, I think.

Andrea said...

COngratulations .I was just thinking about you the other day and when the next would be here.

Micki said...

That's so awesome, congratulations! Who could ask for a better souvenir!

Your trip looks absolutely wonderful and I'm so glad you were able to do that together.

Congrats again!

melissa said...


Kenzie said...

Okay first of all YAY to your little bean!!! Secondly you saw some really cool stuff and it looks like it was a fantastic vacation :)

Kalle said...

congrats! wishing you a great pregnancy.

Autumn and Haley said...

How fun! I've only been to DC one time and that's when I was in high school and too "cool" to realize how awesome it was.

And sadly I agree, Chicago is *blech* Not a pretty place.

Congrats on #3

Chelsea said...

I KNEW IT!! just by looking at your photos I totally thought it! but if i was wrong then i felt embarrassed. I BIG congrats to you! What a fun souvenir! ~Chelsea T

Michelle said... what happened? Who/how/what did it come out on your blog????