Friday, August 28, 2009

14 Weeks

It's crazy how fast things seem to be going. 14 weeks already!! Into the second trimester. Over 1/2 of the way there! That's just fascinating to me.

I still feel nauseated most days, though not extreme. My nose is in super high gear, and every smell is magnified times 10. That is one thing I could definitely do without. I have a sensitive sniffer to begin with, but during pregnancy it just gets ridiculous. Like for the past few weeks, every time I walk into my house I think it smells terrible, yet I can't figure out what is making it smell so bad! And apparently I'm the only one who thinks its smells funny.

I'm only going to post my weight whenever I have a midwife appointment, so no updates for today. I think I'm on track so far though. Even though I look like I'm 5 months pregnant! Yesterday I just felt so fat. Especially when I look at pictures like the one on the left. I was sooo skinny then! I hope to go back to a normal weight after this baby is born. I don't usually have trouble with that, so I'm not worried about it. For now I'll just dream about it :)

We've been pretty busy around here lately, and one of the projects that we've finally completed is our guest room! The only things I have yet to do are find a nice lamp and clock for the room, and maybe a mirror. The guest bathroom has been mostly finished for a while, but we didn't have any doors. I'm sure that's made for some interesting moments :) But, just so everyone knows, we now have DOORS!!! Yay! So feel free to book a night with us anytime. We'd love to have you. Don't mind the sheets on the floor in the pictures. They were our 'doors' for a short while, and I hadn't had a chance to clean them up yet.


Ellen said...

I must say, that brown top you're wearing in the first picture looks FABULOUS on you!! Very nice!! I love those kinds of tops!! And I think you look wonderful and not fat at all.. I always hate the "bloated" or "fat" look that I get at the beginning of my pregnancy until about 18 weeks - then I actually look pregnant and people know when they look at me that I'm pregnant, not just gaining weight! I'm so happy for you, that things are progressing so well!!

Michelle said...

Your baby bump is beautiful.

My nose is in overdrive too.

Oddly the thing that has caused me to throw up the most is a tickle in my throat that causes me to cough, gag and throw up.

Drea said...

awe ur lil bump is adorably cute. it doesnt look like a chub bump either, u look pregnant now :) so fun.
love the top 2!

S Club Mama said...

You may feel fat but you do NOT look fat! You look darn cute. And, shoot, if you think you look 5 months haven't seen my 5 months pregnant. I am huge by that point. You look precious. In both pictures! But a pregnant woman looks glorious :)

Laura said...

i definitely don't think you look FAT! It must be the pregnancy hormones that are misleading you :) I agree with Ellen...that brown top is GREAT on you! I love it. Don't worry about the look great. I've been amazed at how quickly you get your tiny belly back after having a baby. I've still got a good couple handfuls of baby-belly left. I'm looking forward to being pregnant again sometime soon to disguise it :)

Stam House said...

You look AMAZING!!!!!

Jobina said...

You definitely look pregnant, not fat! The rooms look great, it's awesome to have some extra space for guests, or more kids :), or whatever.

Jamy said...

Stacey you look awesome. 5 months preggo...whatever.
Oh and I love your shirt.